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Issue 72

Get your Caribbean fix in Croydon's BOXPARK and add a very important art event into your diary that is showing at the NOW Gallery in Greenwich Peninsula. Did we mention that Dalston is about to get a colossal arts and culture makeover?

Fish, Wings and Tings

You know us, when an opportunity arises to try some food in London, team LN is first in line. This time we went down south to Croydon’s BOXPARK to sample some of the city’s finest street food offerings, and it is safe to say that we were not disappointed.

It was a mutual agreement to check out what Fish, Wings and Tings had to offer and let me tell you, it was just what the doctor ordered. Obviously, getting into the Caribbean spirit isn’t possible with getting a large helping of Tina’s Rum Punch to get things started, and that’s exactly what we did. Now, don’t let the smell put you off here because it really does not taste as strongly as it smells, trust me on this one.

To make sure that we left nothing on the menu out, we got a selection to nibble on from the starters menu; The Salt Cod Fritters were the stand out choice by a clear mile, closely followed by the Fried Plantain and Tempura Prawns, seriously tasty stuff. Now, onto the main event – what would a visit to Fish, Wings and Tings be without sampling the Jerk Chicken. The ratio of chicken to rice and peas and coleslaw was exceptional and it had just the right amount of spice, a definite must-try and I can safely say that I will be going back for more…and more again. The ethos behind this restaurant gives off nothing but soul and the passion, menu and homemade sauces give it a whole lotta heart, making the food taste even better.

Dalston's New Arts Hub

If you didn’t already know, Hackney has a very rich history when it comes to cinema; approximately 60 cinemas have stood in the area over the years and one of them is about to have the ultimate makeover and become the nucleus of everything arts and culture in Dalston.

East London-based Village Underground has got the green light on renovating what used to be the Savoy Cinema into, what is expected to be, a world class cultural space that will hold around 2,500 people. The rebirth of this Hackney Arts Centre is going to cost £3 million and will be the place to go for spectating everything from theatre to poetry and everything in between.

Owner of Village Underground, Auro Foxcroft, is extremely enthusiastic about this project and is excited to get started on a second cultural venue, having one already in Shoreditch. In financial collaboration with Village Underground are Big Issue Invest, the Arts Impact Fund and Triodas Bank – Foxcroft has said: ‘All three investors are passionate about the social impact of the Hackney Arts Centre and have been creative and bold in getting us this far.’

This venue originally opened its doors as the Savoy Cinema back in 1936 and will be back in business and ready for action later on this year, and we can’t wait!

Harmonics in Space

Starting this week, on February 28th until April 29th, London’s NOW Gallery is showcasing a colourful installation by prop artist and designer Fred Butler, Harmonics in Space. Butler has created this show in order to bring our attention how much we are all consumed in the digital world. The whole display will aim to show us how different colours and tones play a vital role in our mood, reactions and emotions every day of our lives.

When discussing this exhibition, Butler explains; ‘We need a balance of all the colour vibrations in sunlight to nourish us energetically…colour is intrinsic to my practice and I want to use that tool to attract, inspire and excite a new audience to NOW Gallery, making it a true destination with this playful installation.’

Visitors of the show will be able to immerse themselves in a variety of colours and textures, which will enliven their senses to a whole new level. Sight is not the only thing that this exhibition will play on as everyone will be listening to some music to get them in the mood whilst making their way through the exhibition.

If you feel in need of a bit of a boost through this grey and frosty time of year, then Harmonics in Space might lift your spirits.

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