A Connection Is Made

Exhibition info
  1. Private View: 8th March 2018 6 – 10pm
  2. 9th – 22nd March 2018 12 – 6pm

Curated by Adele Lazzeri, Hamer Faramarzi, Toby Tobias Kidd: MORE curatorial group

Exhibition info
  1. Private View: 8th March 2018 6 – 10pm
  2. 9th – 22nd March 2018 12 – 6pm

A Connection Is Made is about allowing a communication that happens within the act of collaboration, and that persists between the art objects that originate from it. Utilising and exploring relationships founded on interactions in the educational facility of CASS school of Art, where mentors, students, tutors, lecturers, visiting artists, intermingle. This series of works will adopt both a non-specificity of the media and a direct relation to the Gallery site. Notably, the aim is to unfold the process of collaboration between artists at different stages of their career, where the “space, as a practiced place, admits of unpredictability. Rather than mirror the orderliness of place, space might be subject not only to transformation, but ambiguity.” (Nick Kaye, 2000)

The artworks produced subsist in the Gallery space as residuals of the collaboration that took place, and the public will witness the process through those objects in the space. The student-mentor relation will, therefore, include the audience through the artworks, establishing a collaborative play that is objectified in the art pieces. Exploring different media and methods, we will analyse the subject-object relationship and the features of the “vibrant matter” (Jane Bennet) that composes them both. Questioning the journey of making, MORE curatorial presents a study of relations and their potential transformations regulated by the environment.

Deej Fabyc
Richard Ducker
Ben Cain
Peter Fillingham
Bethan Hughes
Grace Radford
Adam Oczkowicz
Hamer Faramarzi
Adele Lazzeri
Toby Tobias Kidd

Gallery 46

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