Londonewcastle Arts Programme

Engaging in London's creative discourse through collaboration

Londonewcastle’s Arts Programme was founded by creative property brand Londonewcastle with the aim of putting vacant spaces to meaningful use by collaborating with London’s creative community. The ethos is to provide artists and creatives the opportunity to show their work in environments donated for their use, therefore reducing the financial burden on burgeoning creative talent. The programme also supports Street Art by providing large canvases for local, regional, national and international artists; established, emerging, infamous or just unknown.

If you are interested in exhibiting, you are required to submit a proposal for consideration by the committee. Visit the relevant Venues & Initiatives page to download an information pack. And Keep up to date with the programme by Liking the Facebook page.

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    • ANIMAL

      4th Feb - 27th Feb

      In his upcoming exhibition ‘Animal’, the Spanishurban artist Gonzalo Borondo aims to explore the co…

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    • Fifty Chefs – The Hands that Feed London

      3rd Apr - 16th Apr

      Londonewcastle Arts Programme is delighted to present Fifty Chefs - The Hands that Feed London, an …

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    • Catlin

      7th May - 30th May

      Now entering its ninth year, the Catlin Art Prize is an annual event showcasing the most promising …

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