Developers for
the new world

Londonewcastle has been creating award-winning developments in the capital for three decades. But in 2008 the property landscape started to change. Today while we continue to develop assets for private investors, more and more opportunities begin in the public sector. A new world needs a new kind of developer, one who unlocks the potential for an unprecedented cast of stakeholders and also for the places it seeks to change.

We understand this new complexity. We know how to bring together the players, both public and private; how to manage the processes, politics and personalities; and how to strike up winning relationships. At the same time our commitment to the quality of the end product – beautiful homes - is undiminished. Our choices in architecture and design are always bespoke, our sales & marketing skills fine tuned, while the growing scale of projects only deepens the personal connection everyone of us has with our work. For every one of our developments in this new world, it is all a matter of unlocking the potential.