The London Divide- Part One, North v South.

We asked two Londonewcastle employees who will remain anonymous about the much debated “North-South Divide” & why they felt their side of the river was better

-Anonymous, Sales & Marketing, South Londoner-


You get considerably more for your money in South London & the people are far less arrogant and more down to earth.

Greenwich (home of Greenwich Mean Time) is one of my favourite areas. It has a quaint maritime feel to it and has some amazing pubs, restaurants and bars. The Royal Observatory houses London’s only planetarium and is great for stargazing. Greenwich Park comes alive in the summer and has an amazing feel to it.


Deptford nearby was once a thriving area; its local economy closely tied to trading from its docks. As the traditional dockyards that typified the area became obsolete the area fell into a state of disrepair. Once again the area is now thriving thanks to its young creative population as well as a £1bn regeneration project which aims to transform Deptford into the Shoreditch of South London.

I also love wondering around Borough Market on weekends sampling delicious chocolates, wines and cheeses and discovering London’s newest culinary trends. This surpasses the pretentiousness that anything North of the river has to offer.


Closer to where I live, Brixton Village Market has undergone a huge transformation and now houses over 20 new cafes, restaurants and takeaway restaurants at attractive prices. Brixton is also a Mecca for nightlife with live venues such as RitzyElectric Brixton & Brixton Academy attracting some of the best known international artists. By contrast Camden is full of sweaty gothic pimpled teenagers.


South Londoners frequently bemoan the transportation but with everything South London has to offer I seldom need to go North of the River.

Anonymous, Development Manager, North Londoner-


I once tried to visit South London back in 2006 but it took me two hours to get back home. The District Line wasn’t working and the replacement buses were delayed. I didn’t bother taking a taxi because the roads were congested and the people on foot were moving faster than the traffic. I can’t understand the tribalism South Londoners have about where they live. They live in perpetual denial that their side of the river is better.


Not that there’s anything wrong with South London (besides the transport links) however there is nothing South of the river that we don’t already have in North London that is better.


Take our parks as an example, Clapham Common is nice but it doesn’t command the same views across London as Hampstead Heath does. Shopping is another example- Marylebone Village and Hampstead Village surpass anything South of the River. North London also has better restaurants, Caravan in Kings Cross which serves a sumptuous grilled octopus and chorizo dish is a favourite of mine. Even the football teams here are better- Spurs and Arsenal sit second and third in the Premier League respectively whilst Crystal Palace lie somewhere in the bottom half of the league.