Skepta is currently the hottest/coolest phenomenon in the universe of music. 

Besides preparing his new grime album ‘Konnichiwa’ for release, he has been working/plotting with his besties Drake and Pharrell. Also nice is the fact that he leapt to number seven in this year’s GQ Best Dressed list after he announced that he has destroyed all of his Gucci in favour of sportswear.

His moody insight is legendary:

‘’All the other rappers around me aren’t saying anything worthwhile. They’re lost in rap: all they do is tell you they’re a sick MC and they’re better than you. I don’t want to look like all these other little punk, dress-up, fake, manufactured artists. I’m not a rapper. I’m an activist. You have to understand, that’s all I’ve ever wanted: for London to have a credible musical voice. I will honestly, honestly die happy knowing that I saw it happen’’

“I’ve realised that there’s art in everything we do in London. Suddenly a photo of two boys sitting on a wall in tracksuits with a dog can go online and be considered a sick photo. That’s what we’ve done to London”

Skepta plays Field Day and Wireless (with Boy Better Know) this summer.