There are various skate spots around the world, mostly secluded away from the general public. Below we handpick some iconic locations.



We start our journey in Southern California, Los Angeles. Hollywood High is where one of the most famed 16 stairs lies, parallel to a 12 set. it has been skated by few but is on the bucket list for many. it has featured in Push magazine and even been re-created virtualy on the 'skater' app and the very popular game 'Skate 3'.

We then move north to the legendary 'Wallenberg' in San Fransisco. A massive 4 set sits there, 6 ft high and 22.5 feet long. It first appered in 1991 when Mark Gonzales ('The Gonz') ollied over it in his video part. it was then famed by Chris Cole when he Tre flipped (360 flip) it in his video part in 2005 for zero. Wallenberg is considered one of the 'gnarliest' skate spots in the world.

(Chris Cole 360 flip off wallenberg) ( Mark Gonzales at Wallenberg )

Continuing West to El Toro High School still in California we visit a very large 20 stair few dare to skate. It hasnt had many big tricks, however a switch frontside 180 has been landed by TJ Rodgers. This stair set is unique because its challenging to land anything off of it apart from the basics. There are many fake 'troll' videos fabricating people landing tricks as this spot is virtually impossible to land.

(El Toro)

El Lyon 25 is a notorious stair set evgen before 'jaws' aaron homoki performed a massive ollie to melon grab down the death defying drop. jaws currently holds the record for highest drop/ollie.




This is a DIY rail an ex-pro made in his back gareden. Elijah berle (Pro Chocolate Skater) 50 50'd it, while it was on fire, in King Of The Road. It is a curved down to up rail estimated between 12 and 15 ft long.


Another spot discovered by Mark Gonzales is a drop down kinked rail featured in a 60/40 commericial. Few tricks have ever been landed on it as its drop down angle changes.


There are some top contenders for the best skateparks. Here are three of our favourites. 

Woodward East, Pensilvania is by far the biggest and has a total of 18 different skate areas which all include a skate plaza with a 4 block, various bowls, a speed skate course, different vert areas and a mini mega ramp. In addition there are many spots from woodward that have been re-created in various video games.


(All images from Camp Woodward East)

Lake Cunningham Regional Skate Park is considered one of the most intricate designs ever conceived for a skatepark. it consists of many vert and bowl structures and has a very iconic tunnel where many have attempted to ride the full loop but because of its sheer size most have failed.

Burnside project is a 'collective memory shared by many' . It started with Mark "Red" Scott, Sage Bolyard, Bret Taylor, Osage Buffulo; they all wanted to build a local skatepark in which they could skate alongside others. They all had a major part in the construction of the burnside skatepark underneath burnside bridge in Portland, Oregan.