Mapping London’s Population

London’s population has now reached its highest recorded levels since 1939.

At 8.6 million people, London’s population surpasses that of several small countries; in fact, if London were considered as a separate nation state it would be the 96th most populous on the plant, surpassing that of Wales and Scotland combined. The maps above, courtesy of The Guardian newspaper demonstrate just how large London is. 

Of course the benefits of a growing population such as an increased intellectual, social and cultural capital and a broader ideas base should be considered in relation to sustainable infrastructure and housing to satisfy the needs of a growing population. As Londons appeal as a leading global city continues and its population is expected to exceed ten million within the next decade, we need to urge those in charge irrespective of their party political background to implement pragmatic and cohesive policies that ensure the delivery of vital housing and infrastructure improvements throughout London.