Life on Mars

Cue David Bowie…

For as long as we can remember, scientists have debated the idea of there being other intelligent life in our universe. From bug-eyed UFO’s, monstrous-like creatures and aliens in human suits, aliens have been a topic of science fiction not real life. However NASA’s latest discovery has lead to one of the most historic finds of our time – water on Mars.

Mars is not as dry as NASA had first thought, it has actual flowing liquid water. This means that the water could in fact be a source for a habitable environment. Images from the 1970’s showed Mars’ surface as having dried-up rivers which would have originally come from large ancient lakes. This suggested that any life that may have been living on Mars had long died out. NASA’s latest work however suggests something much more exciting – we are not alone.

The news comes just in time for the release of The Martian starring Matt Damon – an adaptation from Andy Weir’s bestselling novel.