If The World Were 100 People

The following are data excerpted from GOOD Magazine which has dissected the worlds 7 billion people into one hundred to highlight inequalities in wealth, population distribution, access to clean water and to education. Below are some of the salient statistics- 60 people would live in Asia exceeding the number of people living in Europe, Africa & the Americas combined by a margin of 10 people. There would only be five native English speakers, one less than the number of Spanish speakers and less than half the number of mandarin speakers (these account for around 12 people). The 70 people that do not speak Mandarin, Spanish, English, Hindi and Arabic speak around 6,500 languages between them. Less than 20 people would be older than 55 and over 25 people would be younger than 14. More startlingly only 13 people have no access to clean water, 14 people are unable to read and write, 23 people have no shelter, 25 have no phones, 56 people have no internet access & 71 people earn less than $10 a day. Only 1 person makes more than $90 a day & controls 50% of global wealth.