Horses Running the Streets of London

Inspired by the success that Formula One and Cycling has accomplished, by taking place across many international cities, Horse racing around the iconic parts of London city is assumed to follow as successful. Plans for a global city Horse racing event have commenced, with London to be one of many cities to host the event. Back in 1174, during the reign of Henry II, the first ever British recorded Horse race took place in central London. Since then, the only Horses on the streets of London have been from the Horseguards Parade or the Metropolitan Police.

City Racing and GAG 403 Limited have both bid to the British Horseracing Authority, to allow the sport to commence in London. City Racing are planning to host the sport as early as September of this year, shortly following are GAG 403 Limited who plan to host early 2018. The only hurdle organisers will have to overcome are the financial capabilities of making sure safety standards are met for the event.