Giant Buses Of The Future

Land Airbus is a proposed new system of public transportation which will enable traffic to move alongside or even underneath it. Using a cantilevered aerodynamic structure which moves along a system of train tracks the new buses will enable traffic flows underneath them while passengers sit on upper levels and gaze out at the views; this system therefore can be integrated into the existing system of overground traffic without causing any disruption. Once approved each bus will provide capacity for 300 passengers and each will have a unique vista to the city as there will be glass paneling throughout the upper deck. Although the development is still in its preliminary stage, Land Airbus claim that the developments advantages, minimal disruption to surrounding infrastructure, lower running costs and a low carbon footprint will create an innovative urban transportation solution helping to remedy some of the issues that a growing urban population create. It is likely that the innovation will be first adopted in China before being adapted across Western cities.