Freezing Christmas

A five metre tall Christmas tree glows beautifully at night while trapped in a giant ice box. Well it looks like a giant ice box, but it’s all an optical illusion. British artist, Alex Chinneck, trapped the Christmas tree in a two tonne block of resin. And at night, 1,200 lights glow brightly through the resin, as it stands seven meters tall. But it doesn’t stop there. Surrounding the sculpture are puddles made from 250kg of clear wax, made to look like the ice sculpture is melting.

Chinneck is famously known for his architectural installations featuring optical illusions. He has designed and installed pieces such as the levitating building in Covent Garden and the four-storey slipped façade in Margate.

You can find Fighting Fire with Ice Cream situated between the colourful fountains outside UAL Central Saint Martins' Granary Square campus in King’s Cross, until the 6th January 2017.