‘Fake News’ with Fred Tomaselli

Keeping up with current affairs can be a dark and dismal business, so why not look at it with a different approach? Until 13th May, White Cube Gallery in Mason’s Yard will be showcasing Paper by Fred Tomaselli; an exhibition that the gallery believes can ‘highlight the tragedy, reality and absurdity of global politics.’

Each piece of work illustrates a topical headline on the front page of The New York Times with a hearty helping of satire on the side. Tomaselli uses a mixture of eclectic and obscure imagery to convey the message that the news we read today is nothing but subjective, as it is always printed with underlying motives, something that he likes to call 'fake news'. This exhibition is an innovative and exciting display of art which will guarantee to give you a different perspective on the current affairs we see in the media today. After all, who wouldn’t want to see Donald Trump’s head emerging from an eight-legged creature with Mitt Romney’s head?

For more information on Paper by Fred Tomaselli visit http://whitecube.com/exhibitions/fred_tomaselli_masons_yard_2017/