Exposed to Brutalism

What do you think of when you hear the architectural term ‘Brutalism’?  Simon Phipps is ready to challenge all your preconceptions of the Brutalist building in his solo exhibition in London: BÉTON BRUT on at the Foundry Gallery in Chelsea until October 27th.

BÉTON BRUT showcases a new series of architectural photographs screen printed in monochrome onto brushed aluminium. Phipps' careful selection of materials for his work captures one of the properties of Brutalism, ‘its not concerned with the material, but the quality of the material, what can that material do?’ The use of a halftone screen and the aluminium moves the photograph away from the representational to become more sculptural. Our very own Balfron is showcased extensively. 

Phipps has spent the last 15 years photographing and documenting Brutalist and buildings in the UK, creating a survey of photographic images that demonstrate the breadth of this contentious architectural style. His photography plays with the viewer’s perspective of the buildings; he has an innovative way of looking at these dynamic constructions finding interesting new vistas and perspectives to capture our imagination.