Dishoom, Shoreditch

I finally got to try out the famous Bombay cafe that everyone has been raving about and I have to say I can totally see why – it is delicious.

I went with a group of friends and the waitress advised us on how to choose our dishes (lots of smaller plates to share) so that we could all each get a real flavour of their food. None of us spoke whilst eating, which for us meant that the food was too good to stop and discuss. The flavours are so unique yet you really get the classic eastern tastes that are lacking so much from a lot if Indian restaurants. 

The decor of the restaurant itself was stunning, I felt like I had just stepped into a living room in India. It's simple yet it almost feels homely and we felt ourselves relaxing into the atmosphere. Amazingly it managed to make us forget that we were in East London and blocked out the noise and sights from outside.

We booked a table (thankfully) and would suggest doing so as the queue was snaking out into the street when we left.

For more information click [here][1].