Call me by my name: Voices of the Calais camp

From the onset this exhibit was bound to be a play on the heartstrings.

A platform laden with clay figurines all walking in unison immediately placed focus on the humanity aspect of the event.

Gallery 1 only added to this as 10 pedestals were topped with the life jackets worn by the migrants during their journey accross the Channel, each one being in fact a life undoubtedly struck a chord with several teary eyed visitors.

On the walls of Gallery 1 & 2 were select photographs and portraits of the Calais camp community. Each image telling its own narrative and capturing the spirit of those featurted. Suspended for the celing in gallery 2 were free hand portraits of the migrants proving to be a poignant sight.

Finally in gallery 3 an installation recreating the living conditons of the Calais camp, a blue tent standing prouldly amongst boxes, wooden crates and various cooking pots and utensils. Behind the tent footage of camp life played on loop. Surrounding this postcards to those finally free of the camp hung pegged to a washing line, some rather moving bringing a tear to the eye.

Over all the event acheives its exploration into life at he Calais camp with as much gusto as heart. The exhibit, although topical is a must see.