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Issue 22

This week we are talking all things music with the opening of Peckham Rye's Music Festival this weekend, plus we take a look at the latest in technology and focus on one of the most celebrated architects of the moment, David Adjaye.

Discovering Peckham Rye's Music Festival

Following its major success after last year’s event, Peckham Rye Music Festival is back and better than ever for a second year running. Opening this weekend, 12th May until 21st May, this highly-anticipated musical occasion will be a showcase of the creative talent living in SE15.

The founder of Peckham Rye’s Music Festival and former radio producer at BBC, Glenn Middleditch, is seriously excited about this upcoming musical event, claiming that Peckham is without a doubt the new place to be in London. Glenn states: ‘I want people to discover stuff that happens round the corner from them that maybe they haven’t come across before.’ With a good mix of global acts, artistic exhibitions and even a spot of pottery on the agenda, this annual music festival is bound to be an even bigger success than it was last year.

For your chance to bag yourself some tickets, visit https://peckham-rye-music-festival.eventcube.io/

Imaging a Life Without TV

The thought is disturbing isn’t it? A life without TV, how could one imagine such a thing? Well, Founder and CEO of the world-renowned social networking platform, Facebook, has suggested that our everyday television needs will eventually be relinquished with the development of augmented reality glasses, and eventually contact lenses, taking the technology sector by storm.

‘We want glasses, or eventually contact lenses, that look and feel normal but let us overlay all kinds of information and digital objects on top of the real world,’ he says at annual developer’s conference, Facebook F8. Zuckerberg is proving to be pro digital and against physical, leading us into a new era of technology.

So, is movie night with digital glasses your idea of a good time, or would you rather stick to the good, old-fashioned flat-screen TV?

A Spotlight on David Adjaye

It’s already been quite a year for David Adjaye, not only did the start of the year see the release of his book ‘Constructing Narratives’, he has also been recognised in the 2017 edition of Time Magazine’s top 100 most influential people. Did we mention that he also accepted the offer of an official knighthood by the Queen?

So, what can we expect from Adjaye’s new book? Constructing Narratives will be full to the brim with building case studies and a plethora of insightful essays written by Adjaye himself, covering all topics from his architectural investigations to his approach to materiality. This book promises an in-depth understanding of Adjaye’s passion and creativity and he hopes it will provide people with a true appreciation of his work: ‘Instead of seeing my work as a string of projects, Constructed Narratives assembles them as a single body, a sphere.’

The labelled 'starchitect' passed a major milestone in September 2016, celebrating his 50th birthday, and he is not ready to slow down yet, with a scroll of exciting projects still to some. A few of his architectural schemes in the pipeline include, a cancer treatment centre in Rwanda and an inspiring new art museum in Latvia. Watch this space because this leading, global architect still has so much more yet to come.