Beigel Joy

All this depressing mutter of anti-semitism drove us out of the house in the wee small hours of Sunday morning for a couple of genuine bagels. Down to Brick Lane, just 2 mins from both our Huntingdon and Fleet Street Hill sites.

To keep up the peace and harmony theme we had one each from Beigel Bake and Beigel Shop. There's much debate over which of the Brick Lane bagel shops is better: The Yellow One or The White One.  And you'll find patrons fiercely defending their choices with arguments including: The Yellow One has been here longer (over a century longer, in fact), but it sells bacon, which White One fans will dub un-Jewish and blasphemous on a bagel. The truth is, they're both as good as each other, especially when those hunger pangs surface after a rave in Hackney and can only be satiated by a salt beef bagel. We suggest simply joining the shorter queue.

Beigel Shop

Beigel Bake