Autism Empathy Kit

A graduate from the Royal College of Arts has created an Empathy Kit which allows people to experience how individuals with Autism deal with day to day life.  Heeju Kim, designed a kit containing strangely shaped lollipops, a head set and earphones. Each out of the 6 lollipops make it hard to talk as it restricts your tongue from different movements. The headset is attached to a smartphone, by which you will need to download the app she designed called Autism Empathy Tools,  which alters what you are able to see by restricting or obscuring vision. The earphones amplify nearby sound so that hearing is oversensitive.  

Although all Autism Empathy Tools can never fully imitate the Autistic world, it certainly does give an insight into some of the difficulties individuals with Autism face on a daily basis. Heeju states "the empathy and understanding of others mean the world to people who have autism and to their families …  A minute of your time can bring remarkable changes to the lives of others."