The Hen House

Jonathan Ellery

  • Venue:

    Londonewcastle Project Space
  • Date:

    1st Mar - 17th Mar
  • Opening times:

    11.00 – 6.00pm weekdays. 12.00 – 6.00pm weekends.
  • Entrance Fee:


The Hen House is a new body of work from the British artist Jonathan Ellery. The notion of sequence and unfolding narrative is at the core of his art, enforcing a distinctive Ellery language that offers each work as one part of a continuous and burgeoning series, strengthened by its succession.

The deceptive simplicity of the work is informed by Ellery’s awareness of the absurd, a delight in constructing certain orders and exploring the tensions between them. The Hen House includes works in cast iron, aluminium, brass as well as photography.

The Hen House is accompanied by a limited edition catalogue published by Browns Editions.