A Wall is a Surface

A group show by 12 artists curated by LeandaKateLouise

  • Venue:

    Londonewcastle Project Space
  • Date:

    12th Apr - 20th Apr
  • Opening times:

    12pm - 6pm. Closed Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th.
  • Entrance Fee:

  • Additional info:

    Artists have now been announced - see below. For full press information and profiles of the participating artists, please contact info@leandakatelouise.com

Artist led initiative LeandaKateLouise (LKL) will stage their third project A Wall is a Surface in mid April 2012. 12 artists have been invited to create works directly onto the walls of the gallery during a two week install before the show is open to the public for seven days.

The process of creating the work will be as important as the exhibition itself. Without the privacy of the studio the artist’s will be making their work alongside other participants of the show. All the mistakes, happy accidents and successes that can be rectified or reworked in the studio will be transported straight to the gallery space, thus bridging the gap between the two. As works begin to unfold in close proximity to one another there is potential for pieces to interact, obliterate or collaborate, prompting exciting and unexpected results.

Participating artists: Martin Creed; Rose Davey; Claire Dorsett; Rob Eagle; Iain S. Hales; Klaas Hoek; Donal Moloney; Paulina Michnowska; Tessa Whitehead; Sarah Kate Wilson; Gary Woodley; Richard Woods

The artists chosen for the show are at varying stages of their careers. Many are recent graduates from The Slade and have been included in numerous show across London and internationally. Some have experienced success on a global scale whilst others are still finding their feet after leaving the bubble of art school.

Martin Creed who won the Turner prize in 2001 with Work No.227 The lights going on and off is one of Britain’s best known contemporary artists.

Since graduating in 2010 from her MA in painting Claire Dorsett has recently been listed in Modern Painters as one of 100 young artists to watch, enjoying a solo show with George & Jorgen in October, whilst Gary Woodley, an artist who works in many three dimensional media, is a part time painting tutor at the Slade and has recently showed at Chelsea Space, Cairn Gallery and South London Gallery.

For some, the experience of exhibiting on a 10m long wall is one that is familiar and now common place within their practice, whilst for others whose studio’s longest wall might be 2 metres, this is a chance to realise works that are often impossible due to financial and practical restraints. Although some may be better known than others, all of the artists are exceptionally talented and are well equipped for the challenge of using the gallery wall as a blank canvas.

LeandaKateLouise are three artists who met whilst on their MA at the Slade School of Fine Art. Inspiration for the show came from their time at art school where students were encouraged to play and experiment, and test the limits of their ideas. Mistakes were essential and allowed young artists to learn from their errors rather than practice how to produce a polished product that looked like art. It is our hope that visitors to A Wall is a Surface will be met with a fresh, lively and energetic space, charged with the ideas and beginnings of experiments by our artists. The works are there to be experienced regardless of whether they are deemed successful or not. Exhibitions are not end points. They are a way of viewing an idea within a public context, and the artist will look and process that, which in turn will lead to further development in their work or a new direction. An exhibition is one point on a continuing line of enquiry and we wanted to create an exhibition that reflected that.

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