Arts Programme

Following the closure of Londonewcastles original project space in Shoreditch, after a successful eight years, the new and more intimate Gallery 46 has opened in Summer 2016.


We started our Arts Programme because we’re passionate about more than just property. Our aim: to bring London’s creative community and its vacant spaces together, giving new artists a place to showcase their work. If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact: - Follow the Arts Programme by liking our Facebook page.

BEATRICE BROWN at Gallery 46

Produced on her kitchen table while her children slept, Beatrice Brown’s drawings are a...
LN Gallery46 27 09 2016 LowRes 11 580x326 - Gallery 46 - Whitechapel

Gallery 46 – Whitechapel

46 Ashfield Street, London, E1 2AJ

Gallery 46 in Whitechapel is our new sister gallery to be used as Londonewcastle Project Space. The new space, established through the partnership of Martin J Tickner and Sean McLusky and Fruitmachine founders, Martin Bell & Wai Hung Young breaks fresh ground for the open-source, non-conformist curatorial approach Tickner and McLusky employed at their (rightly) notorious MEN Gallery, in Shoreditch.Housed in a pair of newly renovated Georgian houses in the grounds of Whitechapel Hospital, GALLERY 46 is set over 3 floors and 8 rooms and is a kaleidoscopic addition to Whitechapel’s burgeoning gallery scene and close by its artistic...

img 580x326 - Street Art Programme

Street Art Programme

Shoreditch, London

Our Street Art Programme is about turning over large canvases on buildings under our control – during planning and development – to artists, from the internationally renowned to the completely unknown. If you’d like Londonewcastle to showcase your work, contact us...

Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones

IMMORTAL represents a beautiful mythology of distorted reality where past, present and future lie together unbound in a heady mix of myths and dreams. The work of IMMORTAL exists in an intensely sensual realm suspended between abstraction and surrealist fantasy, infused with classical beauty and inspired by neo-futurism. Using a subtle alchemy, Warren and Nick artfully create an intangible state in which their muses and sirens exist.

Renowned for their experimental approach, and unique, inventive use of light and colour, Warren and Nick shape and craft artworks laced with mystery and the erotic, that draw on classic futurism and evoke a stellar otherworldly existence, which delicately arouses the senses.

Intensely beautiful and uncomfortably intimate, IMMORTAL is a multi-dimensional body of work created over the past year with an extraordinary line-up of long-term collaborators including: Iris van Herpen, Björk, Daria Werbowy, Darren Ellis, Chris Levine, James Lavelle, Andrew Gallimore, Anna Trevelyan, Martin Cullen, Alex Box and more.

Alongside a selection of photographic and lithographic prints from the IMMORTAL boxset, the show features two film installations with Keaton Henson and James Lavelle – Sick Lullaby and Cowboys or Indians – a sculptural artwork of Daria Werbowy, and Notget made in collaboration with Björk. On show for the first time in the UK, Notget is an utterly beautiful immersive experience and one of the most advanced VR experiences to date.

Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones say:

“IMMORTAL is a body of work from our collaborations over the past year. It is a realisation of ideas from across the mediums of photography, art, music, fashion, and film that we have been fortunate to create with our friends – artists, auteurs, and visionaries. The project explores dreams, fantasies, and otherworldly realities, and is a place where our visions and emotions can exist in a world of their own. For us, it’s about creating images of unique beauty born of photographic alchemy, that express and explore the evolution of our vision and ideas. IMMORTAL is the culmination of this belief and an immersive show featuring these works.”



24 FEBRUARY – 23 MARCH 2017
Noon – 6PM or by Appointment



46 Ashfield Street


E1 2AJ

+44 (0)203 6455062