Arts Programme

Following the closure of Londonewcastles original project space in Shoreditch, after a successful eight years, the new and more intimate Gallery 46 has opened in Summer 2016.


We started our Arts Programme because we’re passionate about more than just property. Our aim: to bring London’s creative community and its vacant spaces together, giving new artists a place to showcase their work. If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact: - Follow the Arts Programme by liking our Facebook page.

BEATRICE BROWN at Gallery 46

Produced on her kitchen table while her children slept, Beatrice Brown’s drawings are a reversal of such dictums as ‘the pram in the hallway is the enemy of creativity’ and ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’. They manifest an economy of line and a sureness of translation which stems from her inner world. This authority of her expression is made possible through her premising of intuition over intellect and has been likened, in the past, to a lineage of ‘Ecstatic Visionaries’. For example, the 19th Century French Nun, St Thérèse of Lisieux, who advocated for the radically transcendent powers of a small, local, domestic life, which she termed the ‘Little Way’. Lisieux explored parallel lives through the transformative powers of her simple existence. In accordance with the experiences of Lisieux, Brown’s drawings are transformed by the context of the digital realm, the ‘post-truth’ world of social media. Their immediacy speaks directly to the esoteric side to each of us. The works in this exhibition bear witness to inner visions that Brown has had from as early as six years old, when she transposed her inner turmoil and confusion onto seeing the ‘Fire Child’, a character that spoke to her from within the flames of a hearth. The sheer compressed power of the sculptural work is analogous to the potency of material transformation in alchemy, of the Jungian Nigredo, the black beginning – The Nothing Series. Known for exhibiting Francis Bacon in Moscow, Genesis P-Orridge and Grayson Perry, James Birch has curated Beatrice Brown’s debut solo. Gallery 46 in Whitechapel presents a new collection of drawings which also includes three small-scale bronze sculptures. Birch describes Brown’s works on paper as having ‘the freshness of sliding down the razor blade of life’.

Exhibition date: 23rd March- 23rd April

Open from Noon – 6PM


46 Ashfield Street


E1 2AJ

+44 (0)203 6455062


LN Gallery46 27 09 2016 LowRes 11 580x326 - Gallery 46 - Whitechapel

Gallery 46 – Whitechapel

46 Ashfield Street, London, E1 2AJ

Gallery 46 in Whitechapel is our new sister gallery to be used as Londonewcastle Project Space. The new space, established through the partnership of Martin J Tickner and Sean McLusky and Fruitmachine founders, Martin Bell & Wai Hung Young breaks fresh ground for the open-source, non-conformist curatorial approach Tickner and McLusky employed at their (rightly) notorious MEN Gallery, in Shoreditch.Housed in a pair of newly renovated Georgian houses in the grounds of Whitechapel Hospital, GALLERY 46 is set over 3 floors and 8 rooms and is a kaleidoscopic addition to Whitechapel’s burgeoning gallery scene and close by its artistic...

img 580x326 - Street Art Programme

Street Art Programme

Shoreditch, London

Our Street Art Programme is about turning over large canvases on buildings under our control – during planning and development – to artists, from the internationally renowned to the completely unknown. If you’d like Londonewcastle to showcase your work, contact us...

Warren du 580x326 - Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones

IMMORTAL represents a beautiful mythology of distorted reality where past, present and future lie together unbound in a heady mix of myths and dreams. The work of IMMORTAL exists in an intensely sensual realm suspended between abstraction and surrealist fantasy, infused with classical beauty and inspired by neo-futurism. Using a subtle alchemy, Warren and Nick artfully create an intangible state in which their muses and sirens exist. Renowned for their experimental approach, and unique, inventive use of light and colour, Warren and Nick shape and craft...

EX 580x326 - VICLEKA at Gallery 46

VicLeka is a collaborative project by Vic Godard, British poet, singer/songwriter, pioneer of English punk and frontman of band Subway Sect and A.M.Leka, Serbian visual artist and professor at University of Arts in Belgrade. VICLEKA project is a creative dialogue between the poetry of Godard’s song lyrics and Leka’s artistic vision. The two artists have chosen 12 songs from Godard’s 40 years career in music. A Dyptich dedicated to each song incorporates Godard’s hand written lyrics and Leka’s visual interpretation, not an illustration of the song per se but a response to it. Context is sometimes...

Exhibition at Gallery 46

Alteria Art presents The House of Penelope, an evolutive exhibition by The Modern Penelope Collective : Becky Allen, Charlotte Colbert, Adeline de Monseignat, Camilla Emson, Nancy Fouts, Alix Janta-Polczynski, Lauren Jones and Eloïse van der Heyden. Also featuring artworks by Alice Anderson, Miriam Austin, Bea Bonafini, Inès de Bordas, Soojin Kang, Radhika Khimji, Romana Londi, Mariana Mauricio and Walter & Zoniel. The House of Penelope is the physical outcome of 18 months of regular meetings between The Modern Penelope Collective, a group of curators and artists based mainly in London. Ideas, practices,...

eley kishmoto gogo 580x326 - ELEY KISHIMOTO GOGO at Gallery 46

Gallery 46 presents a Flash Archive of works by Eley Kishimoto. A flash impression of the trials travelled by these masters of print, we become privy to their experimentation. Eley Kishimoto GoGo visits the evolution of their design aesthetics and is a keynote in the story of these shapeshifters of the print world. The show exposes elements of their exhaustive and unparalleled artistic output, always true to their maxim ‘Print The World’. The show includes key pieces, previously undiscovered printed works, re-imagined working materials, archive prints, precise design to beautiful working accidents, illustrating the...

7 489x326 - TOPOPHOBOPHILIA at Gallery 46

An all-female group of artists present works that explore the evasive nature of memory and place – where they collide and what they conceal. Topophobophilia is an exhibition that considers the poetic and practical possibilities of the body and the familiar spaces it inhabits, acting as the subject matter and connected point of origin of their work. A sense of habitation, characterised by an intangible familiarity in the houses that punctuate Lee Matthews' paintings, intermingle with fragments of space and the possibility of time in Sara Berman's multipartite compositions of the curated self. Lauren Coullard and Paula...

Hope & Hopelessness: an immersive experience in a refugee camp Friday 14th Tuesday – 18th October 2016 TBC Private viewing: Friday 14th October, 19:00 – 22:00 Public Admission: Saturday 15th October to Tuesday18th October, 10:00 – 18:00   Due to the closure of the Balkan route in March 2016, Greece has become the epicentre of the European refugee crisis, with over 57,000 currently stranded in mainland Greece as well as several islands including Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Leros and Kos. Thousands have been dispersed into official military camps, detention centres, squats and...

Tickner McLusky Bell & Young – AUTONOMY

8th September - 25th September

autonomy gallery46 1920x800 01 1920x800 580x326 - Tickner McLusky Bell & Young - AUTONOMY

A basic theme for the anarch is how man, left to his own devices, can defy superior forces – whether state, society, or the elements – by making use of their rules without submitting to them. ‘It is strange,’ Sir William Parry wrote when describing the igloos on Winter Island, ‘it is strange to think that all these measure are taken against the cold – and in houses of ice.” Ernst Jünger, Eumeswil (1977) Martin J Tickner, Sean McLusky, Martin Bell and Wai Hung Young have the pleasure of introducing you to Autonomy, the inaugural exhibition at GALLERY 46, Whitechapel on...

Pejac – Law of the weakest

22nd July - 6-10pm. 23rd -31st July 12-7pm

Max Ruiz site image 580x326 - Pejac - Law of the weakest

From miniature window drawings, striking site-specific interventions to elaborate replicas of classic masterpieces, Pejac is rightfully recruiting an army of fans and collectors with every new piece he makes. Taking clever twists on familiar images and skillfully reinventing the public space, Barcelona-based artist is touching sensitive social and environmental issues in a smart and poetic manner. The strength of his work and universal language comes from the right combination of admirable painting skills, original and effective concepts, and vast knowledge of classic art and popular culture. When talking about Pejac, the key...

Sample Sale: Folk, Oliver Spencer & YMC

Friday 1st July 12-7pm, Saturday 2nd July 12-6pm, Sunday 3rd July 12-4pm


Explorers: In the Pursuit of the Terra Cognita

Private View 25th June 6-11pm. 26th -29th June 11am-7pm.

Julia Kante 2 580x326 - Explorers: In the Pursuit of the Terra Cognita

The Explorer project aims to bring together ten French and English emerging artists in the framework of an exhibition. The purpose of the exhibition is to challenge the possibility of exploration and adventure in the context of a “terra cognita” where every territory is mapped out and pictured. The exhibition will attempt to highlight new ways of exploration, physical, virtual , mental through diversity of artistic processes and means. However, the potential of exploration of our planet seems to be exhausted . The impulse to discover unknown territories had to moved beyond earth toward the exploration of...

MMP Call me by my name 580x326 - Call me by my name: Stories From Calais and Beyond. The Migration Museum Project

The Calais camp has become a potent symbol of Europe’s migration crisis. Public opinion on this ever- evolving shantytown and its inhabitants is polarised: to some a threatening swarm seeking entry to our already overstretched island-nation, to others a shameful symbol of our failed foreign policy. Amid such debate, it is easy to lose sight of the tens of thousands of individuals who have found themselves in limbo in Calais, each with their own story and reasons for wanting to reach Britain.   Call me by my name: stories from Calais and beyond is a ground-breaking multimedia exhibition, taking place in a...

Ape Forgets Medication

Private View 7th April, 6:30-9:30pm. 8th - 23rd April 12-7pm including Sundays.

Ln AP APE.FORGETS.MEDICATION 1180x662 580x326 - Ape Forgets Medication

APE FORGETS  MEDICATION: An exhibition of Treyfs & Artknacks Jonathan Meades is the author and performer of many television films. He has written journalism,fiction, essays, squibs and diatribes. Ape Forgets Medication is his first exhibition. The work  it comprised is, like his prose, generally maximalist. It is also, no doubt, quite meaningless. He has a horror of explanation and an evengreater one of manifestos, the artless moron’s medium of choice. Still, any plausible explanation of what it’s ‘about’ will be grudgingly...

Ln AP NEVERENDED 1180x662 580x326 - Neverended: A 10 Year Retrospective

We are the EndoftheLine… Our walls speak for themselves. EndoftheLine Productions is proud to present Neverended, a retrospective exhibition showcasing a curated collection of over 200 pieces by internationally acclaimed graffiti and street artists from the Rockwell House private collection. For two weeks in February, EndoftheLine will take over the entire LondonNewcastle Project Space on Redchurch Street in the heart of Shoreditch providing a snapshot of the last ten years of East London’s graffiti, street art and hip hop community. Curated by EndoftheLine, London’s link between mainstream and...

Disruptive Innovation

10 Dec – 17 Dec 2015

Ln AP Disruptive 1180x662 580x326 - Disruptive Innovation

This December, 19-year-old photographic artist Daniel Sachon presents his game-changing and first ever-solo exhibition: ‘Disruptive Innovation.’ As the latest star find and youngest ever artist to exhibit at the 3,000 square feet Londonewcastle Project Space, Sachon will be following in the renowned footsteps of the likes of Gerard Rancinan and Pure Evil. The self funded, curated and managed exhibition promises talent and a level of maturity that far surpasses Sachon’s years. Disruptive to its very core, this exhibition proposes an unapologetically bold and beautiful reconciliation between the historically...


5 Nov – 18 Nov 2015

LN AP Archive Imagine 1180x662px 1 580x326 - Imagine

An exhibition by students from Kunstakademie Dusseldorf and UCL Slade School of Fine Art. Imagine paintings, sculptures and...

LN AP Archive 50.Boys .of .Summer 1180x662px 580x326 - 50 Boys of Summer

For the third year running, London based photographer, Eva K. Salvi and stylist Krishan Parmar have teamed up to capture 50 Boys Of Summer. Shot on location in London, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online, the series explores the relationship between fashion and ‘British Lad’...

Patternity Festival of Pattern

18 Sep – 22 Sep 2015

LN AP Archive Patternity 1180x662 580x326 - Patternity Festival of Pattern

Cult pattern pioneers PATTERNITY proudly host a cross-disciplinary pattern festival, featuring patterned projects, installations, workshops, industry talks and collaboration launches. A retrospective of PATTERNITY’s products will be showcased at the pop-up shop, including the new PATTERNITY book. Cult pattern pioneers PATTERNITY proudly host a five-day cross-disciplinary pattern festival on East London’s cultural hub, Redchurch Street. Hosted by PATTERNITY co-founders Anna + Grace, the festival of inspirational events and experiences will join together a PATTERNITRIBE of leading thinkers and makers in...

Slipping Away

23 Jul – 02 Aug 2015

LN AP Archive Slipping.Away 1180x662px 580x326 - Slipping Away

For more information please...

Popin’ Pete’s Pop Shop

11 Aug – 16 Aug 2015

LN AP Archive Popin.Pete 1180x662px 1 580x326 - Popin’ Pete’s Pop Shop

Popin’ Pete’s Pop Shop features Popin’ Pete, star of iconic dance movie Breakin’, Michael Jackson’s Thriller video and Chris Brown’s ‘Yeah x3’ music video. Pete is joined by British artists DJ Biznizz (Tha En4cers/Live2Break), graffiti artist Mr Dane (Vop Stars), and UK Poppers Dickson Mbi (Fiya House Crew) and Vicky ‘Skytilz’ Mantey (Boy Blue Entertainment). East London being transformed with hip hop culture to house a week of Popping workshops, music, graffiti, talks and social parties for the whole family. Check out their...

Welsh School of Architecture

25 Jun – 28 Jun 2015

LN AP Archive Welsh.School.of .Architecture 1180x662px 580x326 - Welsh School of Architecture

This June, the MArch Students at the Welsh School of Architecture are proud to present their London Summer Show as part of the London Festival of Architecture. We present a carefully curated assemblage of work, exploring a range of architectural themes – Tectonics, Form and Place; Economy; Sensation; Environmental Imagination; Northern Light; Politics; and Infrastructural Urbanism. This exhibition is a student-run initiative, allowing graduates to showcase their work to the wider professional community. By exhibiting in London, we celebrate both the work of the students and the professional relationships the school has...

Pure Evil

11 Jun – 22 Jun 2015

LN AP Archive Pure.Evil 1180x662 580x326 - Pure Evil

Charles UZZELL EDWARDS aka PURE EVIL has recently returned from a pilgrimage to Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka and Singapore and a personal exploration of transcendental meditation, systems theory, past life regression and reincarnation as a way of dealing with a recent personal tragedy. The conclusion reached through this is that life energy can not be created or destroyed. Like grief, it doesn’t end, it simply changes shape and form. This path, (Tao) has led to THE TEMPLE OF BROKEN HEARTS, an installation of new works that include breakthrough large works on canvas and a limited edition number of multiples based on this journey. It...

Catlin Art Prize 2015

7 May – 22 May 2015

LN AP Archive Catlin.Art .Prize 1180x662 1 580x326 - Catlin Art Prize 2015

Now in its ninth year, the Catlin Art Prize is a curated exhibition featuring artists selected from The Catlin Guide 2015. Taking place between the 7th and the 22nd May 2015, this exhibition is now firmly established as a vital showcase for new work made during the crucial first year after art school. The 2015 Catlin Art Prize finalists are: Jon Baker (Chelsea College of Arts), Felicity Hammond (Royal College of Art), Oliver Hickmet (City & Guilds of London Art School), Nicholas Johnson (Royal College of Art), Paul Schneider (Royal Academy of Arts), Lexi Strauss (Royal College of Art), Dominic Watson (The Glasgow School...

Art Prize

01 Jul 2015

LN AP Archive Art.Prize 1180x662px 580x326 - Art Prize

By Milo Astaire and Ben Lebus. Panel Judges: Miles Aldridge, Nicholas Campbell, Henry Highley and Hikari Yokoyama. Showing 23 Artists including Adam Fenton, Alice Jacobs, Alice Lazarus, Ao Jing, Aphra Lupita, Austin Chaston, Christabel MacGreevy, Eva Goldwyn-Simpkins, Hannah Clarkson, Harry Hurlock, Jamie Shaw, Jesse Rivers, Josef Zachary Jackson, Julius Roberts, Lia Chianin, Livvy Turner, Michael Cox, Oliver Bass, Pip Marshall, Raphael Giannesini, Rosanna Reed, Sam Creasey and Tabitha...

Micro Macro

16 April – 30 April 2015

allegra website 580x326 - Micro Macro

What divides the self from its creations? Does nature function as a machine? Does reality? How does our perception of reality shape reality itself? Micro Macro is a bold investigation into questions of self, identity and structure both the internal and external presented as an exploration of the symbiosis of all matter, the organic and the inanimate. Radical shifts in science and technology are re-directing the traditional sense of self and order of the surrounding environment. Arms can be printed at home, glasses can record everything we observe. If all our movements and thoughts are backed-up on hardware and our bodies...

katie wilson ln website image 340x640px 580x326 - Fifty Chefs – The Hands that Feed London

Fifty Chefs – The Hands that Feed London Londonewcastle Arts Programme launches new art show in Shoreditch, London April 02 2015 Londonewcastle Arts Programme is delighted to present Fifty Chefs – The Hands that Feed London, an exhibition of images from photographer/artist Katie Wilson, at the Londonnewcastle Project Space on Redchurch St, Shoreditch. This exhibition is the culmination of a ten-year photographic project to tell the stories of the people who work in London’s favourite kitchens. From kebab shops and greasy spoons to the city’s most rarefied restaurants, and all the everyday...


04 February -27 February 2015

animals 580x326 - ANIMAL

In his upcoming exhibition ‘Animal’, the Spanishurban artist Gonzalo Borondo aims to explore the conflict between our innate animal instincts and our present lives, which are coated with the dependence of technology and our fear for the unknown. The show will take place in Londonewcastle Project Space in Shoreditch, and will be open to visitors from the 5th through the 28th of February. Borondo’s work is poetic and evoking, inciting the public to pause and reflect on their own mortality—their memento mori—leaving all vanities and mass-media-influenced notions behind. “The biggest part of my work [is to]...

The Opinion Makers

16 December 2014 - 11 January 2015

the opinion makers lps 640x340 copy 580x326 - The Opinion Makers

The Opinion Makers is an exhibition conceived as paired juxtapositions; each pair comprising one work by an artist-curator, together with one work by an artist of their choice.  When artists curate they choose art in a particular way, arguably motivated or coloured by concerns within their own practice.   Conversely, when curators are practising and exhibiting artists in their own right, there is a potential opportunity to discover – through the medium of their art – curatorial motives which are either consciously or subconsciously unavailable in an exhibition itself, nor in its supporting materials, such as...


04 Dec - 07 Dec 2014

89 14 boxfresh 580x326 - 89:14

**89:14 – A Street Style Journey** The 4-day exhibition will showcase defining street style trends as well as a unique mind-map of British style from the past 25 years. It will document the reasons why people chose a certain look and how trends can connect and mutate; creating tribes from the catwalk to the street.  The exhibition marks the 25th anniversary of London born and bred brand, *Boxfresh*. The exhibition will feature ‘style-based’ exhibits – styled by pioneering music and fashion influencers. The displays will evolve over the course of the exhibition as guests will be encouraged to...

Rock Seen

05 Oct 2014 - 27 Oct 2014

rock seen resize 580x326 - Rock Seen

**Downtown New York Comes To Shoreditch…** Rock Seen, Bob Gruen’s first major British exhibition in many years will be in the heart of Shoreditch and a collection of photographs of iconic punk and rock musicians, tracking the rock scene predominantly in Downtown New York in the Seventies. Photographs include John Lennon, Blondie, The Clash, David Bowie, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, the New York Dolls, Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol and many more. These and more photos also appear in Bob’s book Rock Seen that will be on sale at the exhibition. Curated by Bob Gruen, Stephen Colegrave (author of Punk) and...


11 Sep 2014 - 28 Sep 2014

website image 580x326 - 125LIVE

125LIVE is a unique photographic event featuring 100+ artists, guest lectures and photographic masterclasses from the creators of 125 Magazine. We are close to revealing all the details, but until we have everything confirmed here's the basics: 11th September: Official launch party & private view featuring a silent auction. 13th, 14th, 20th & 21st September: Photography workshops, masterclasses & beginners photo safari. 16th, 17th, 18th, 23rd, 24th & 25th September: A series of evening lectures by guest speakers on the photo/arts industry. More information to be revealed...

William S Burroughs

28 Aug 2014 - 07 Sep 2014

londonewcastle wbs flyer 580x326 - William S Burroughs

We are very proud to launch this new exhibition of William S Burroughs' incredible art, never before seen in this setting with many pieces never having been previously exhibited. The exhibition will feature around 40 original Burroughs works, in addition to new multimedia experiments, alongside an exciting programme of talks, film screenings and workshops. William S Burroughs is recognised as one of the most culturally influential writers and visionaries of the 20th Century and his legacy continues to steer world culture and creative thinking. A progenitor of the Beat Generation, his writing and ideas changed literature...

Popin’ Pete’s Pop Shop

21 Aug 2014 - 25 Aug 2014

pop shop 2014 artwork 580x326 - Popin' Pete's Pop Shop

**Popin' Pete's Pop Shop** is a pop up festival of hip hop culture featuring the world famous Popin’ Pete (Electric Boogaloos, USA). Building on the success of the 2013 Pop Shop at Box Park, it’s back and is bigger than ever!  Along with dance workshops from American artist Popin’ Pete, Scanner’s Inc. will be taking some of the top British Hip Hop artists into the heart of East London.  DJ Biznizz (Tha En4cers) representing British Hip Hop since the early ‘80s spinning hip hop classics and everything else in between. Artwork by London’s Mr Dane (Vop Stars) will transform the...


25 Jul - 10 Aug 2014

wonderlust ln 580x326 - Wonderlust

*Featuring* Opening reception: **24th July, 6 – 9pm**   Live printing events: **26th – 27th July** and **2nd – 3rd August** The Future Tense in association with Londonewcastle Arts Programme is pleased to present ‘**Wonderlust**’, the first major London solo show from award-winning artist *Mark Andrew Webber*. Over 2 years in the making, Wonderlust will see the debut of a number of new and highly anticipated works as well as a unique opportunity for the public to actively participate in the printing of his most ambitious piece to date. Best known for his award...

Best of Salon des Refusés

03 July - 13 July 2014

best of salon des refuses invitation resize - Best of Salon des Refusés

Salon des Refusés 2014 is an exhibition of artwork rejected from the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition.  Following the tradition of the 19th century Parisian Salon des Refusés, (when Napoleon let rejected works be exhibited alongside those accepted ones after artists protested the Salon jury’s rejection of 3000 works), Happenstance Art & Framing is again organizing an exhibition of paintings, graphic and mixed media works, photographs and prints rejected from the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. The Summer Exhibition is a big international open call for artists. Only about 5-10% of the work...

city and guilds resize 580x326 - "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" *, is the question posed in an innovative art show being held by year 1 and 2 students of the City and Guilds of London Art School at the London Newcastle Project Space. Opening at 6pm on Thursday, 12 June, work from over 40 painting and sculpture students will be showcased. The show is open daily from 9am until 6pm and will end on Sunday 15 June,4pm.  This show brings together the independent projects of the first and second year degree students in Fine Art. Visitors will be treated to a visual mix of 3D pieces, prints and paintings with the opportunity to purchase work from...

YMC Sample Sale

06 Jun 2014 - 08 Jun 2014

sample sale invitation web 580x326 - YMC Sample Sale

Sample Sale up to 80%off FOLK. OLIVER SPENCER. YMC. Opening times 6th June Friday 12-7pm 7th June Saturday 12-6pm 8th June Sunday 12-4pm Cash only, mo...

The Spring Clean

30 May - 01 Jun 2014

thespringclean30may 1jun2014 340x600px 580x326 - The Spring Clean

Interior Designers, fabric, rug and furniture companies come together for a 1 – 2 day sale of high end extra stock that lurks at the back of their store cupboards. All items are priced to sell and the lucky buyers can feel good that their purchases, while going to a new home, will raise money for Kids Company. We hope to create a fun day out with a variety of food trucks, a raffle and a champagne bar to augment the existing lunch options to help buyers and sellers through the day! [][1]   [1]:...

Catlin Art Prize

02 May - 24 May 2014

the catlin guide 2014 new artists in the uk 580x326 - Catlin Art Prize

For more information, see, follow on Twitter or contact the curator, Justin Hammond: The Catlin Art Prize 2014, now in its eighth year, is an annual exhibition featuring the most exciting art graduates in the UK one year on from their degree shows. Finalists are selected from The Catlin Guide 2014 | New Artists in the UK, a nationwide survey of recent art school graduates, now widely recognised as the essential reference for collectors of emerging artists. This year’s exhibition, hosted once again at Londonewcastle Project Space, showcases brand new work by seven recent...

oasis pic 580x326 - CHASING THE SUN: OASIS 1993 - 1997

*Chasing The Sun: Oasis 1993 – 1997* is an exhibition of rare and iconic photographs, artefacts and memorabilia from the early years of Oasis, the most significant band to emerge from the UK in the past two decades. Chasing The Sun takes us on the band's supercharged journey from a Manchester rehearsal studio to international rock stardom, via three landmark albums – *Definitely Maybe*, *(What's The Story) Morning Glory*, and *Be Here Now* – and many legendary gigs, from London's 100 Club to Glastonbury Festival to their era-defining two night stand at Knebworth House. Curated by renowned...

Fluid Light

31 Mar - 05 Apr 2014

dark 580x326 - Fluid Light

*Sense of Wonderment* is lighting sculptor Joss Newberry's first solo exhibition in response to a perceived dearth of creativity in the burgeoning lighting industry now dominated by LED. A practitioner in lighting design and commercial product design Joss spends his working life addressing market needs and opportunities for innovation, occupying a unique position between market delivery and engineering practicality. The galleries will house 18 new lighting installations, all powered by LED and all made specifically for this exhibition. The blended theme of magic and sculptural beauty runs through the 4 galleries. Starting in...

Reeps One A.D.O.

20 Mar - 27 March 2014

a2 photo rag mg 5550 small 580x326 - Reeps One A.D.O.

Mental health is still a very misty world of diagnosis and in many cases people are requested to take steps to adjust how they think to fit within the expectations of the common goal, but where do you draw the line? What is correct? And how does one express the differences in someone labeled as 'different’? Diagnoses in school can create many different results from peace of mind to negative perception of one’s self: *‘Your process is not correct therefore you are not correct.'* The interactive performance, music and huge hand-crafted work in this exhibition will highlight this sensitive...

Wu-Tang is for the children

06 Mar - 14 March 2014

joseph ward 580x326 - Wu-Tang is for the children

“*I don’t know how you all see it, but when it comes to the children, Wu-Tang is for the children. We teach the children.*” ODB, Grammy Awards Show, 1998. Having recently celebrated 20 years since the release of the iconic album *Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers*, this exhibition celebrates the influence Wu-Tang Clan’s music, lyrics and legacy has had on art, illustration, fashion, film-making and graffiti.  Forty artists have come together to draw inspiration from Wu’s monumental back catalogue to create a multi-media exhibition of artworks ranging from ceramics to animation to...


13 Feb - 16 February 2014

reworks 580x326 - ReWorks

ReWorKs (Enterprise CIC) has a social purpose to sustainably reduce textile waste through volume surplus product upcycling projects and educational awareness. The Exhibition will mark the launch of the ReWorKs Social Enterprise – ReWorKs Enterprise CIC.   Our successful international surplus textile design collaborations (E.g. UCA UK & HtW Berlin) will form the back drop for the Fashion Week Exhibition curated by UCA. We will re-create our exciting Berlin Fashion Show catwalk with special effects.    ReWorKs will host a series of upcycling events in conjunction with our major collaborators,...

Artists Make Pub Signs: A Fundraiser

06 Dec 2013 - 13 Dec 2013

spb 3 580x326 - Artists Make Pub Signs: A Fundraiser

From December 6th 2013, Space In Between (SIB) is hosting a large exhibition and preview event to raise money to support the exciting gallery commissioning programme of new works by important emerging artists.  For this over 20 well-known and emerging artists are each producing a pub sign, based on the name of a London pub, which will be installed as part of an exhibition at Londonewcastle Project Space. Artists involved include Jake & Dinos Chapman, Raqib Shaw, Goshka Macuga, Charles Avery, Melanie Manchot, Stuart Haygarth and Ernesto Neto alongside SIB’s very own emerging artists. And all of these original...

menswear sale 2 580x326 - Sample Sale up to 80% off

Opening times 29th Nov Friday 12-8 30th Nov Saturday 12-6 1st Dec Sunday...

A Show of Faces

16 Nov - 24 Nov 2013

td photo 1 press release 580x326 - A Show of Faces

**A Show of Faces** is the first solo exhibition of photographer Ted Dwane. Armed with his trusty Rolleiflex, Dwane captures the many faces he encounters on the road as part of one of the most successful British bands of the last 10 years, *Mumford & Sons*. Dwane’s work employs the use of traditional photographic methods with portraiture at the centre of his fascinations.  The exhibition will include a small collection of existing work, however, the main focus will be on the work created in the space over the course of the show. The gallery will not just act as a vehicle for exhibition, it will also accommodate the...

dazed 580x326 - The Converse/ Dazed Emerging Artists Award 2013

**The Converse/ Dazed Emerging Artists Award 2013 in partnership with the Whitechapel Gallery.**  Converse / Dazed & Confused Emerging Artists Award is now in its fourth year, with sights set on discovering the best new artists in the UK. The aim is simple: to support burgeoning talent at the moment that it needs it most.  This year the exhibition will be held here, at the Londonewcastle Project Space and will comprise never-before-seen works created by the shortlisted artists specifically for the show, which will open to the public October 25th.  The winner will be the recipient of £5,000. This...


16 Oct - 20 Oct 2013

erebus 580x326 - Erebus

Working in collaboration with renowned choreographer Russell Maliphant in response to his full-length work of contemporary dance "The Rodin Project", Du Preez & Thornton Jones have created a new body of work entitled EREBUS, inspired in part by the work of Auguste Rodin, which includes as it's centrepiece a new film installation of the same name. 'The Rodin Project' has been visually explored and interpreted by Du Preez & Thornton Jones through a variety of mediums, and is characterised by the common purveyance of the unique visual approach to flow and energy, and the relationship between movement,...

Bayjoo and Vandy

04 Oct - 12 Oct 2013

panel2 closeup4 2 580x232 - Bayjoo and Vandy

**Bayjoo and Vandy** Shiraz Bayjoo and L.R. Vandy's new exhibition, **Bayjoo and Vandy**, brings together these two UK-based visual artists for the first time. Featuring new work from recent projects, the exhibition will highlight their shared interests and themes as well as including new site-specific work produced to mark the occasion of this first collaboration.   The act of *reclaiming* is significant in this exhibition, and resonates heavily in both Bayjoo and Vandy's work. Found objects and furniture are incorporated into much of the work – munitions boxes, old aircraft parts, dolls, maps, a chest of...

Perfume, Sir?

17 Sep - 21 Sep 2013

designmarketo perfume pressweb mg 89 580x326 - Perfume, Sir?

**About Perfume, Sir?** After the success of two consecutive Bar Alto events hosted at Londonewcastle Project Space during [London Design Festival][1] in 2011 and 2012, **DesignMarketo** are back once again for LDF2013. Recognised for organising unprecedented experimental events while promoting designers, [DesignMarketo][2] is entering a new world which we believe will have more and more importance in our close future: the world of fragrances and perfumes.   True to our tradition, DesignMarketo has commissioned a dozen designers to create either limited editions of specially made glass vessels to hold perfumes, or...

alexnoble 580x326 - Alex Noble's Creatures from the Kaleidoscope

**ABOUT THE EXHIBITION:**  Creatures From The Kaleidoscope is a mixed media solo exhibition involving, film, sculpture, sound, installation and works of fine art. Artist Alex Noble will displays his visceral aesthetic as he hones in on his captivating style and creates an immersive world for the spectator. Exploring pattern, colour and their relationship through refracted and carefully thought out compositions, Noble's pieces become iconographic in their immense entirity, reminiscent of stain glass windows, large mosaics and the pallettes of rich motifs such as religious Hindu imagery. Pattern and shape are...

Andy Seize – Off the Rails

01 Aug - 19 Aug 2013

eye candy final print  580x326 - Andy Seize - Off the Rails

Andy Seize is an artist who has always had an awareness of the ‘bigger picture’, preferring to define his own creative direction rather than place himself within any particular art movement. The variety of his output stems from a diverserange of influences that include his own life experiences, together with a passion for abstract expressionism, pop art, graffiti, cartoons, chromeand custom cars. His latest work, with it’s bold use of neon and sometimes high-key colours, brings out the escapist in us all and immerses us in a super-charged, tropical and almost dream-like paradise. However it's 'how' he joins...


03 Jul - 28 Jul 2013

stephenwalter subterranea 580x326 - Anthropocene

**Anthropocene: Relating to or denoting the current geological age, viewed as a period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.** *[Oxford Dictionary, 2012]* *"The new wildernesses on our planet, waiting to be explored, are information, knowledge, history and time. These are altering our relationship with the physical world and the old traditional landmarks."* (Stephen Walter) *TAG Fine Arts* is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Stephen Walter’s artwork. The exhibition will showcase Walter’s drawings, photographs and prints from the...

London College of Fashion

20 Jun - 01 July 2013

ual logo for lisa 580x326 - London College of Fashion

In 2013, London College of Fashion (LCF) will be showcasing the work of its final year students graduating from a diverse range of disciplines, at a series of events designed to present their final collections and projects to selected audiences. Two exhibitions, a catwalk show, and series of industry events will feature the work of successfully selected students, as part of the LCF Graduate Season, which will run throughout the final two weeks of June. Based on the success of last year’s East London events, LCF has chosen to run it’s entire series of undergraduate showcases at venues in the Shoreditch area, in the...

Three Acts of Will

07 Jun - 13 Jun 2013

3acts 640x340 580x326 - Three Acts of Will

Jeff Robb’s solo exhibition, ‘Three Acts of Will’ is the first ever exhibition for holographic sculpture, an entirely new 21st century art form invented by the British artist. Robb’s innovative concept of holographic sculpture combines cutting-edge 3D image-making and sculptural form. ‘Three Acts of Will’ is a true world first; a culmination of the artist’s longstanding experiments in 3D combined with interactive lighting and 4D ambisonic sound. Visually, the interactive nature of Robb’s 3D work makes it very hard to represent the experience in 2D; adding a tangible sense to...

Sample Sale

31 May - 02 Jun 2013

image 580x326 - Sample Sale

As a follower and great supporter of YMC – we are proud to be hosting once again a Men’s + Women’s Sample Sale where there will be UP TO 80% OFF Folk, YMC and Oliver Spencer. CASH ONLY, NO CARDS (Nearest Cash Point – Tesco, 179 Shoreditch High Street (1min away)) £1 Entry Fee – All proceeds go to The Roundhouse in Camden to help them continue their great work with up to 3,000 16-25 year olds each year. Nearest tube is Liverpool Street (5mins walk), nearest rail is Shoreditch High Street (1min away). Bus stops on Bethnal Green Road by The Tea Building/...

Fallen Angel Wall

27 May - 31 May 2013

reka 3 580x326 - Fallen Angel Wall

After a bit of toing-and-froing we were able to get Berlin-based Oz Street artist James Reka over to London to hit up the corner of Chance Street. And while it rained all week, the team cracked on and did a great job. James is an up and coming face on the scene (although he's been at it a decade or so) and he's already smashed his hometown of Melbourne and now has his sights set on globe recognition. And why not? Following the Chance Street mural he has completed a piece over an 8-storey building in Montreal! So here's to you James. Want more on this? [See here][1].   [1]:...

Catlin Art Prize 2013

02 May - 26 May 2013

nicky deeley image for ln website 580x326 - Catlin Art Prize 2013

The **Catlin Art Prize 2013**, now in its seventh year, is an annual exhibition featuring the most exciting art graduates in the UK one year on from their degree shows. This year’s exhibition, hosted once againat **Londonewcastle Project Space**  showcases brand new work by nine artists, each chosen for their potential to make a significant impact in the art world over the next decade and beyond. The prize is unique in offering a framework for artists to develop a new body of work during the first year out of art school. Each artist receives a bursary to support their progress. Participating artists are...


06 Apr - 21 Apr 2013

topslide 580x326 - PATTERN POWER / SUPERSTRIPE

**THE EXHIBITION** For the month of April 2013 cult pattern pioneers Patternity host Pattern Power / Superstripe  – the first in a series of annual exhibitions and events exploring the powerful presence of pattern and it’s ability to positively inspire and connect us all. Visitors will be immersed in an intriguing and tactile world of stripes as Patternity transport their iconic curation and ethos of ‘celebrating pattern everywhere – from the mundane to the magnificent’ boldly into the real world.  Look up, down and around the 3000sqft gallery space and uncover a rich and...

Sid, My Way

23 Mar - 31 Mar 2013

sid my way hold 580x326 - Sid, My Way

An exhibition and happening to coincide with the launch of Dennis Morris's book **Sid, My Way**. More details to follow soon. **About the exhibitor** **Dennis Morris** Dennis Morris started his career at an early age. He was 11 years old when one of his photographs was printed on the front page of the Daily Mirror.   It was whilst bunking off school to wait for Bob Marley to arrive for sound check at the Speak Easy Club on Margaret Street (London), that Dennis’ music photography career really began. His photographs of Marley and The Wailers became famous the world over, appearing on...

The Hen House

01 Mar - 17 Mar 2013

ellery2 580x326 - The Hen House

The Hen House is a new body of work from the British artist [Jonathan Ellery][1]. The notion of sequence and unfolding narrative is at the core of his art, enforcing a distinctive Ellery language that offers each work as one part of a continuous and burgeoning series, strengthened by its succession. The deceptive simplicity of the work is informed by Ellery’s awareness of the absurd, a delight in constructing certain orders and exploring the tensions between them. The Hen House includes works in cast iron, aluminium, brass as well as photography. [][2]  The Hen House is accompanied by a...

jon jon 580x326 - Last of The Hollywood Africans

An exhibition featuring art from [Toxic][1] – the only surviving member of a powerful and hugely influential group, whose story is told using the narrative of exclusive film, music, art and mixed media from and featuring all three members of The Hollywood Africans. Also featuring film by Salomon Emquies and photographic images by Christopher Makos. Music and performance footage from and by the NY collective Gray. **Private View** Friday 15th February, 6.30 – 11.00pm Pop up bar provided courtesy of La Bodega Negra London. Strictly by Invitation only RSVP with After Show Event at...

Keaton Henson

08 Feb - 11 Feb 2013

keaton henson website 580x326 - Keaton Henson

[Keaton Henson][1] will be using the project space to create a giant piece of art, which will then be cut up in to 196 pieces to go with a limited edition version of his new album “[Birthdays][2]", out on February 25th. **Keaton Henson:** Keaton Henson is one of today's most exciting new music talents. His first album *Dear* was released in April 2012 to great critical acclaim, despite having not playing any live gigs before its release. Until recently, Keaton eschewed all conventional interviews, and gigs, but in October 2012 saw him perform, for the first time, at [The Cinema Museum in...

singer porsche 580x326 - Singer Vehicle Design

[Singer Vehicle Design][1] was founded in 2009 to explore the creative possibilities within the vibrant world of the classic automobile. They are dedicated to the passionate study, preservation and optimization of the world’s most respected high performance vehicles through modern techniques and unique and fresh perspectives. Their primary focus since inception – indeed, their obsession – has been the development of a meticulously restored and optimised air-cooled Porsche 911. Singer will be displaying their latest demonstration vehicle at a Private Invitation only event.    [1]:...


18 Jan - 27 Jan 2013

trolley 1 1 580x326 - Trolleyology

Since they were founded in 2001 by Gigi Giannuzzi, [Trolley Books][1] has been highly regarded as a maverick independent publisher of photography, reportage, contemporary art and recently, literature.  To celebrate the first ten years of award-winning publishing Trolley Books now presents TROLLEYOLOGY – a multi-media exhibition in Shoreditch, the original home of Trolley. The exhibition, running over two weekends, will also contain previously unseen material from the making of the books, including personal images, contact sheets and photographers' recollections, documenting the unique stories from each book and the...

tomorrow 1 580x326 - Private Showroom for Designer Fashion Brands

[Tomorrow][1] is a platform that offers designers not only a consolidated know how, but also three showrooms in the main fashion cities of London, [Milan][2] and [Paris][3] and a temporary showroom in New York. Tomorrow's business model is interesting: a mix between a multibrand showroom and a multi-service British company, grouping together various managerial skills, which many small and medium companies do not have, concentrating on flexibility and the ability to provide services on demand. The company has decided to focus on three areas of the market: high end womenswear & menswear, contemporary womenswear and menswear...


06 Dec - 16 Dec 2012

expo 17 580x326 - EXPO 17

Celebrating 17 years of **Scratch**. A creative fusion through hip hop from '96 and beyond. A fresh sample of aerosol inspired art curated by Scratch, produced by talented people, including: [Shok1][1] Derm Many Styles Crew Etch  She One [Rough][2] [Kid Acne][3] Moneyless Lyley [Inkie][4] Dave Swindells EMA Paul H Robi Walters [123Klan][5] …and Friends. Search for 'Scratch Expo 17' on Facebook ([or just click here][6]) OR visit...

acid jazz 1 580x326 - Acid Jazz Silver Jubilee Exhibition

Established in 1987, [Acid Jazz Records][1] is a British Independent record label responsible for an international youth culture and unearthing a whole new generation of mainstream and underground talent.  Founded by [Eddie Piller][2] and fellow [DJ Gilles Peterson][3] this iconic music label spawned a genre which introduced a generation to the new soul and jazz sound, spearheaded by their artists like [Jamiroquai][4], [The Brand New Heavies][5], [Galliano][6] and [The James Taylor Quartet][7]. The exhibition will showcase some of the finest moments and artwork from Acid Jazz over 25 years – mixing photography,...

Sample Sale

30 Nov - 02 Dec 2012

menswear sample sale new 580x326 - Sample Sale

As a follower and great supporter of [YMC][1] – we are proud to be hosting once again a Men's + Women's Sample Sale where there will be **UP TO 80% OFF**. **- Folk** **- YMC** **- Universal Works** **- Humanoid** **- Oliver Spencer** **- Lunette Sunglasses** **- Chinti & Parker** **- Rittenhouse** **- Mr Bathing Ape** **+ more…** CASH ONLY, NO CARDS (Nearest Cash Point – Tesco, 179 Shoreditch High Street (1min away)) **£1 Entry Fee** – All proceeds go to [The Roundhouse][2] in Camden to help them...

Hotel Kalifornia

09 Nov - 27 Nov 2012

hotel kalifornia 1a 580x326 - Hotel Kalifornia

Renowned architect, Heidi Locher has slowly been carving a reputation in the art world and her upcoming solo show places her firmly on the art map. **Hotel Kalifornia** brings together the elements of Locher’s interdisciplinary practice; through the collision of the different facets of her fine art and architectural practices she creates her own Air Architecture.  Locher’s intuitive concerns with intensity and atmosphere are a common thread throughout her work.  The exhibition explores ideas of disengagement that occur away from one’s home.  Hotel Kalifornia (a title which recalls the famous...

tom 2 580x326 - Face to Face: The Moving Portrait

**Face to Face: The Moving Portrait**, the debut solo exhibition featuring ground-breaking new work by established music photographer Tom Oxley,  Tom Oxley’s innovative portfolio of never before seen video portraits include prolific musicians of our time, with **Azealia Banks**, **Professor Green**, **Mark Ronson**, **Wretch 32**, **The Maccabees**, **Rizzle Kicks**, **[Johnny Marr][1]** and **Miles Kane** amongst others, being projected larger than life onto the gallery’s interior walls. Each moving portrait, accompanied by a soundtrack of the artist’s choice, enables the viewer to study each...

shephard fairey 580x326 - Shepard Fairey wall

Legendary US graffiti artist Sherpard Fairey completed the wall on Ebor Street – opposite Shoreditch House to coincide with his show Obey “Sound & Vision” show at StolenSpace Gallery. The Sound & Vision show is Shepard Fairey’s first UK show in five years and features a range on new material including mixed media paintings on canvas, works on paper, retired stencils collages, rubylith cuts, and as well as serigraphs on wood, metal and paper. The wall replaces the piece produced by FLIP earlier in the year and is keeping the calibre of creative collaborations at a peak. **About the...


04 Oct - 13 Oct 2012

chris moon fran 580x326 - Reverie

In his second solo exhibition **Reverie**, celebrated artist Chris Moon invites the viewer to explore his psychological dreamtime – a twilight world of illusion and perception that offers a unique glimpse into his creative process via a radical celebration of paint and its transformative power. This exploration encourages us to question how we might consider a final painting differently if only we could examine the source material, see the stimuli, and extrapolate the painter’s emotional and technical perspective.  Moon bravely and honestly unveils and de-mystifies an artist’s working process, taking...

218 Gherkins

28 Sep - 29 Sep 2012

gherkins 580x326 - 218 Gherkins

**218 Gherkins** is an exhibition featuring GIANT SIZED drawings of the London landmark to celebrate the launch of ‘The Swiss Re Cookbook for the NSPCC', a unique cookbook where each recipe has its own individual drawing of The Gherkin.   The pupils of William Davis Primary School worked with cookbook editor Tee Dobinson to produce 218 different interpretations of the building which are all on display in the exhibition.    100% of the money from sales of ‘The Swiss Re Cookbook for the NSPCC’ goes to the NSPCC.    For information, please contact Tee Dobinson,...

Bar Alto & Torsten Neeland

18 Sep - 23 Sep 2012

bar alto torsten neeland 2 580x326 - Bar Alto & Torsten Neeland

After the success of last year's Bar Alto hosted at Londonewcastle Project Space for [London Design Festival 2011][1], [DesignMarketo][2] are back and have teamed up with Industrial & Interior designer [Torsten Neeland][3] to present a joint exhibition / pop-up bar / shop / installation for this year's Festival. Torsten Neeland's latest tableware – including a serving tray and a thermos – will be shown together with the growing Bar Alto collection of specially commissioned glasses. Presented designer: Julian Bond, Marc Clemenceau, Fabien Cappello, Marco Dessi, Oscar Diaz, Max Lamb, Fernando...

graffitimundo talking walls2 580x326 - The Talking Walls of Buenos Aires

[graffitimundo][1] presents works from the leading urban artists of Buenos Aires in an exhibition that explores Argentina's unique culture of urban art.  Urban art in Buenos Aires reflects the city's turbulent history and rich cultural heritage. Throughout the last century the city walls have been extensively painted, by artists, activists, political groups and the public, making the city walls of Buenos Aires an established and dynamic channel for expression. During the last two decades several different artistic styles have developed. The devastating Argentine economic crisis of 2001 created a generation of...


28 Aug - 29 Aug 2012

minimalux ballpoint 02 580x326 - Minimalux

British design brand Minimalux, that produces modern collections of desk objects, table objects and accessories will be occupying Londonewcastle Project Space behind closed doors for a forthcoming film project. The results can be viewed in September during London Design Festival (15 – 23 September) right here and on [][1]   [1]:...

Blur 21: The Exhibition

27 Jul - 14 Aug 2012

blur 3 580x326 - Blur 21: The Exhibition

Exhibited together for the first time, **Spotify presents Blur 21: The Exhibition**, is an extraordinary collection of over 70 images of Blur from legendary music photographers, designers and artists including Pennie Smith, Kevin Cummins, Paul Postle, Tom Sheehan, Banksy and Julian Opie, celebrating the band’s 21 year career. 21 years after the release of their debut album **Leisure** (1991), Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree will return to the heart of London in an exhibition of rare photographs, artwork and never-before-seen images of this great British band. Presented by Spotify and EMI...

stone roses 1 580x326 - This Is The One by Dennis Morris

*‘I’ve returned to these pictures of the band many times over the years, and when I’ve done so they take me right back to the time. I still listen to their debut album now and it doesn’t sound dated. In a similar way, these images, though very much of their era, haven’t aged at all. Which reflects how timeless the Stone Roses were.*’  –  Dennis Morris **This is The One**, published by Who Said It Publishing, offers an exclusive glimpse into the world of [The Stone Roses][1]. An exhibition of images featured in the book will be on display from 11 July until 19 July...

lcf 2 580x326 - School of Media & Communication Graduate Exhibition 2012

We're excited to be working with [London College of Fashion][1] (LCF) to be one of three East London locations acting as hubs to showcase a range of graduate exhibitions this Summer.  Work will be selected from the very best graduating students from the courses of Broadcast, Costume, Illustration, Journalism, Make Up Design, Photography, Public Relations, Styling, Technical Effects and Prosthetics, with pieces shown across a variety of printed, digital and 3D media. Students are encouraged to explore interesting and non-traditional modes of display where possible, resulting in a varied and exciting showcase....

Wonderful World

07 Jun - 24 Jun 2012

rancinan 1 580x326 - Wonderful World

Gérard Rancinan is one of the world’s leading contemporary fine art photographers. For the past 7 years, Rancinan, along with writer Caroline Gaudriault, have been developing the ‘**Trilogy of the Moderns**’ – a revolution in three acts. Pitched somewhere between comedy and tragedy, this vivid photographic tableau and accompanying texts paint a picture of a confused humanity, blindly groping in the darkness, obsessed with fame and guided only by an absolute desire for generalised happiness. In May 2012 Rancinan will open the Triennale di Milano at the Museum of Contemporary Art to present the...

Menswear Sample Sale

30 May - 31 May 2012

menswear sample sale ymc 580x326 - Menswear Sample Sale

As a follower of YMC – an iconic British brand – we are proud to be hosting 2 day sample sale with **UP TO 80% OFF** British menswear brands, including:  – Folk    – YMC    – Universal Works    – Gourmet    – Oliver Spencer Doors open at 10am each day. Nearest tube is Liverpool Street (5mins walk), nearest rail is Shoreditch High Street (1min away). Bus stops on Bethnal Green Road by The Tea Building/ Boxpark. A donation will be made to The Roundhouse charity in...

Catlin Art Prize 2012

03 May - 25 May 2012

catlin art prize 2012 2 580x326 - Catlin Art Prize 2012

The **Catlin Art Prize 2012**, now in its 6th year, is an annual exhibition featuring the most promising art graduates in the UK one year on from their degree shows. This year’s exhibition at the [Londonewcastle Project Space][1] includes new work by artists who demonstrate real potential to make a significant mark in the art world during the next decade. The prize is unique in providing artists with the time and opportunity to develop their practice. Following the publication of the critically acclaimed [Catlin Guide 2012][2], the shortlist of artists taking part in [The Catlin Prize 2012][3] include:  **Greta...

A Wall is a Surface

12 Apr - 20 Apr 2012

a wall is a surface 2 580x326 - A Wall is a Surface

Artist led initiative **LeandaKateLouise (LKL)** will stage their third project *A Wall is a Surface* in mid April 2012. 12 artists have been invited to create works directly onto the walls of the gallery during a two week install before the show is open to the public for seven days.  The process of creating the work will be as important as the exhibition itself. Without the privacy of the studio the artist's will be making their work alongside other participants of the show. All the mistakes, happy accidents and successes that can be rectified or reworked in the studio will be transported straight to the gallery space,...

insa 2 580x326 - Self Reflection is greater than Self Projection

A new installation to be presented by [INSA][1] and open for one evening only. INSA's latest installation work is his most obviously paradoxical to date. Having built the INSA brand reiterating issues of the female body and commodity fetishism, here, amongst a swirling cacophony of bikini clad women and chrome the audience is assured that *‘Self Reflection is greater than Self Projection’*. The abstract installation unfolds itself across the floor and wraps itself around four large walls each measuring 4 x 10 metres; the printed imagery is a maelstrom of spheres reflecting two of INSA's iconic women...

The Enemy

06 Mar - 09 Mar 2012

enemy4 580x326 - The Enemy

We got approached by the company shooting a new video for The Enemy looking for a venue. They liked what they saw and despite the fact that the band hail from Coventry, we like them and so said yes and let them paint up the space too.  'Saturday' is the first single taken from the band's brand new album (their third to date) 'Streets In The Sky' which was released via Cooking Vinyl on May 21st 2012 and entered the charts at number 9.  We wish them well in 2012 – which looks set to mark a comeback year for the band after a two year break. [Watch the video...

Street Art Programme 2012

05 Mar - 31 Mar 2012

ln depot placeholder 1 580x326 - Street Art Programme 2012

If you are an emerging or established street artist or crew/ collective – either UK based or from further afield –  looking for a big wall to paint without interruption, then [contact Peter Allen][1]. Join a legion of unknown, emerging and top names in the business to collaborate with us in creating some fine, large format work.  Please send concept, biog(s) and examples of your work in low resolution format and the dates you would be interested in. We have a policy to keep artwork for at least 4 weeks if we can.    [1]:...

The New Curiosity Shop!

01 Mar - 18 Mar 2012

daniel poole love chris bracey 580x326 - The New Curiosity Shop!

Following his success in Primrose Hill, the legendary 'dp' **Daniel Poole** – the mastermind who brought you Housewives on Fire Amsterdam 1990, Ghetto Couture 1991, World Safety Systems 1993, Techno Couture 1994, World Sound Systems 1996, The House of Beauty and Pain &Culture 1996, will be recreating his famous shop/ gallery/ installation, within the gallery. Offering installations by the legendary **dpdanielpoole** himself, alongside a stable of artists and London creatives including, a neon extravaganza by **Chris Bracey**, Ye olde sign writer **Jac**, New York found objects artist **Merrill**, assemblage...

Nomad Store, London

16 Feb - 23 Feb 2012

triplemajor1 580x326 - Nomad Store, London

Triple-Major, a creative studio and concept store based in Beijing, will launch a two week **Nomad Store** at Londonewcastle Project Space in London during London Fashion Week.  Triple-Major is a Beijing based multi-disciplinary project helmed by [Ritchie Chan][1] that beautifully encapsulates the exciting global worldview of young Chinese people today. Although essentially a fashion collective producing their own collections and presenting them internationally, Triple-Major is very concept driven and invites international artists to install work in their three story space in the old hutong district of this most exciting of...

Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’

02 Feb - 12 Feb 2012

cfb 1a 580x326 - Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

Emma Richardson, the bassist and vocalist in [Band of Skulls][1], presents her first solo exhibition in London, a series of paintings created in response to music by the Southampton three-piece whose debut album ***Baby Darling Doll Face Honey*** enjoyed widespread critical acclaim. They release their second, much-anticipated album, ***Sweet Sour***, in February and this exhibition marks another artistic highlight for Richardson, in a year that looks set to see the band’s meteoric rise continue. [See a video of the exhibition here][2]. The exhibition consists of two groups of works, corresponding to the  first two...

UK Barista Championship 2012

27 Jan - 28 Jan 2012

ukbc2012 logo 580x326 - UK Barista Championship 2012

The Barista Championship is considered the hardest of the SCAE competitions, testing entrants' coffee knowledge, presentation, preparation and all round barista ability. The winner of this years competition will represent the UK at the World Barista Championships. To keep up to date with news on this unique event, [click here][1].  For more information, visit [][2]    [1]:   [2]:...

An Explosion of Colour

05 Dec 2011 - 29 Feb 2012

tek13 2 580x326 - An Explosion of Colour

Tek13 and friends got together to create a wall which is exploding with vivid colours and breathtaking techniques which brighten up the side of the Londonewcastle Depot during the onset of a no doubt harsh British winter. For more information on the OTP Collective visit, [][1]   [1]:...

Spectra 1

24 Nov - 18 Dec 2011

spectra1 580x326 - Spectra 1

Hot on the heels of their massively successful 'RE:DEFINE' benefit in Dallas, The Future Tense brings a touch of colour to the grey winter skies of London with Spectra I – the first of a three-part survey of artists for whom dynamic colour relationships form a central pillar of their practice. The show is a celebration of bold use of colour in a contemporary art world which is endlessly fascinated with white space, minimalism and fragility. SPECTRA I explores the artists, mediums and substrates boldly defining the current colour zeitgeist and features a wide range of mediums including painting, sculpture,...

A Style Evolution

07 Nov 2011- 29 Feb 2012

ec 01 580x326 - A Style Evolution

Following up from their Stussy wreckage earlier in the summer, OTP have some amazing artists from the  South of France in London in November called **Eighties Conspiracy** (see [here][1] for their excellent work).   They needed a big wall to paint to enter [this competition][2] and we are obliging! The EC crew was created in 2003 by Aseb and Cemo, in South of France near Marseille , under the full name  "En couleurs" (in colors). Silver and black were the only thing to see around the train tracks and high ways, to stand out they produced full color pieces. Over the years the family became bigger, Neist...

lawrence 1 580x326 - Lawrence Watson photographs Noel Gallagher

Documenting 18 months in the recording of Noel Gallagher’s hugely anticipated first solo album, *High Flying Birds*, Lawrence Watson was given unprecedented access to capture the thoughts and processes behind the creation of the songs. Sharp colour and ragged black-and-white images are juxtaposed to create an evocative record of their journey together through the UK and America. The reportage-style imagery is supported by a short film incorporating super-eight, video and still images. “Working so closely (and for such a consistently long time) with him has given me a great opportunity to experience his...

Neon + Vinyl

06 Oct - 20 Oct 2011

neonvinyl 1 580x326 - Neon + Vinyl

Plus Art Project’s Alternative Frieze show ‘Neon + Vinyl’ is exhibiting new art works by over 30 leading artists including Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Mat Collishaw, Gavin Turk, Franko B, Mustafa Hulusi, Regina Silveira, Amanda Eliasch, Peter Lamb and Paul Hoskin, Dave Woods, Peter Ainsworth, Alex Baker, Phil Wilson-Perkin, Warren McLachlan, Tim Bromage, Mark Croxford, Morag Myerscough, Kim Fielding, Dominc Allan, John Tiney, Jason Davidge, Stik, Melville Mitchell, Nick Kennedy, Will Strong, John Close and Will Marshall amongst others. The show is unique in drawing together such a wide range of creative talent to...

Bar Alto

20 Sep - 25 Sep 2011

bar alto 1 580x326 - Bar Alto

For the 2011 London Design Festival, DesignMarketo presents Bar Alto, a new pop up bar, shop and workshop event to take place on Redchurch street during the festival. After the huge success of our previous events during the latest design festivals (London, Milan, Sofia), we will be present again with a new concept for the London Design Festival 2011, and build up on past successes while surprising our audience. THE CONCEPT The Commission Bar Alto will be selling a range of contemporary design objects (specially commissioned for this event), as well as a range of furniture, and working as a cocktail bar! We will commission...

Locked Room Scenario

30 Aug - 20 Oct 2011

locked room 1 580x326 - Locked Room Scenario

Locked Room Scenario is the most ambitious project to date by British artist Ryan Gander. Inside a white cube exhibition space will be a diverse range of work from sculptures, paintings and photographs to performance and video. When visitors arrive, the building will be open but the exhibition will appear to be closed.  Offering only fragmentary glimpses of an enigmatic group show, inaccessible spaces, partially visible artworks and leftover or discarded pieces of information, Locked Room Scenario will invite the viewer to adopt a detective's mentality to piece together the available clues, scrutinise detail, and imagine...

Riot on Redchurch Street

05 Aug - 08 Aug 2011

riot 1 580x326 - Riot on Redchurch Street

After a seven year gestation period, the filming of [Riot on Redhcurch Street][1] starring sam Hazeldine, Alysson Paradis, Jesse Birdsall and Les McKeown, finally took place in East london. Based on a true story, writer and director Trevor Miller's forthcoming film has great music (with original songs by Siobhan Fahey), a love triangle and a riot – the latter of which was shot on the same night as the actual riots in London! See more shots of the crew and filming [here][2]. For more information, [visit the website][3].   [1]:   [2]:...

Ragged Kingdom

02 Jul - 30 Jul 2011

ragged kingdom 1 580x326 - Ragged Kingdom

Jamie Reid is world renowned for his work with the Sex Pistols in the mid to late-seventies, but there is so much more than this. Reid’s collaboration on the Suburban Press was an early coalescing of his political drive and artistic intuition and his output after the implosion of the Pistols extended his artistic drive through many genres – music, publishing, performance. After a long creative residency at the Strongroom Studios in Shoreditch he is now immersed in discovering and revealing the Aspects of the Eightfold Year. Ragged Kingdom will be Jamie Reid’s first major installation in London since 1983. His...

The Launch Of The Comradettes

23 Jun - 26 Jun 2011

comradettes 2 580x326 - The Launch Of The Comradettes

Comradettes is a clothing project inspired by socialist work culture. Created by artist and designer Eldina Begic, its aim is to shift the perception of manual workers and production in society. Comradettes encourages people to take pride in utility clothing, questioning our aspirations and value systems. Drawing on Constructivist ideas, Begic describes her clothing as “Productivist worksuits”. Comradettes rejects the fashion industry’s appropriation of workwear, such as denim jeans, as a form of luxury. Instead, workwear is presented as a means towards a sense of solidarity and community, challenging...


03 Jun - 30 Jun 2011

l1010341 580x326 - Wreckage

Acclaimed international graffiti artist Replete has completed an ambitious work on the front façade of Londonewcastle Depot. [Replete][1] spent ten years working in the computer games industry as an artist and animator, including the home versions of Streetfighter 2, Road Rash and Alien 3. He then progressed to various art/music projects with artists Coldcut and their record label Ninja Tune. For over 15 years he has been experimenting with Graffiti in all it's forms, including aerosol, hand painted, sculpted and animated. He's one of the artists featured in the best sites category, amongst the likes of...

This Charming Man

05 May - 18 May 2011

this charming man 1 580x326 - This Charming Man

Londonewcastle Project Space is proud to present the first major solo show from photographer Shaniqwa Jarvis. This Charming Man is a selection of intimate portraits inspired by men who have interested and affected the artist. This collection serves as both an honest and intimate portrait of these creative and passionate men, exploring their living and working environments. Between 2007 and 2010 Jarvis relocated from New York City to Los Angeles and finally landed in London. Throughout this period, she began to document young men who have sparked a certain curiosity in the photographer. Shot in London, LA, and New York these...

Fashion For Show

28 Apr 2011

ffs 2 580x326 - Fashion For Show

The theme for this yearʼs FFS is “The Deviant” including the works of 8 young, up-and-coming designers from London-based schools Central Saint Martins, London College of Fashion and Ravensbourne University. Stage and set design will be created by Product Designers from Central Saint Martins. “The Deviant” will explore each designerʼs vision of that which differs from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society, especially a person whose behaviour and attitudes differ from accepted social standards. Each will take their inspiration from this theme. Participants include...

The Human Condition

20 Apr - 26 Apr 2011

the human condition 580x318 - The Human Condition

The Human Condition is [Jonathan Ellery’s][1] newest sculptural exhibition. To accompany the exhibition a limited edition of 100, numbered, signed and slipcased books have been published. Contributors to the book include Shonagh Manson, Director of the [Jerwood Charitable Foundation][2], British artist [Scott King][3] and American conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner. Studio photography by John Ross.   [1]:   [2]:   [3]:...


10 Apr - 28 May 2011

madc london 17895 mprosch 580x326 - MadABC

To coincide with MadC’s first UK Solo show at our friend Charlie Edwards' [Pure Evil Gallery][1] during April, the famous German graffiti artist paid a visit to the Londonewcastle Depot to paint the outside and inside with some spectacular work. MadC is best known for her massive wall productions – including a 700ft wall in Germany ([click for video][2]). balanced letters and her passion for details. She has travelled the globe and painted her name in more than 30 countries. She is showing canvases and sketches focusing on street typography and graffiti alphabets in dedication to her recently published book...

150 Voices

06 Apr - 13 Apr 2011

150voices 1 580x326 - 150 Voices

150 Voices is a unique project commissioned by Providence Row Charity, based in the heart of the east end of London. This film and photographic series is composed of 150 character led stories to highlight the realities of London’s hidden underclass and celebrate 150 years of Providence Row helping homeless people.  Sponsored by Reed Smith LLP, the web based short documentaries, photographs and audio-slide shows will present a network of lives that exist in parallel with mainstream society. It will allow unique access and insight into one of the poorest areas in the UK as it exists side by side with the...

Pieter Vermeersch

02 Mar - 02 Apr 2011

pieter vermeersch 580x326 - Pieter Vermeersch

Carl Freedman Gallery is delighted to present a site-specific installation by Pieter Vermeersch at the Londonewcastle Project Space. Vermeersch’s murals transform architectural interiors into three-dimensional paintings you can walk through and although seemingly quite simple, they are almost scientific in their construction, and take several weeks to complete. The resulting paintings seem on the one hand to be familiar, with their roots firmly placed in abstract, monochrome painting, but at the same time they utterly transform the physical space into a sensuous environment that can be quite delirious, even sublime.   For...


02 Dec - 31 Dec 2010

3 show artwork 482x326 - 3

The exhibition will be happening in 3 galleries in Paris, Los Angeles and London… Each artist brings 3 pieces for each show… Theres no curation , theres no wordy intellectual press release theres just...

sample sale invite 580x326 - Christopher Kane Sample Sale

Sample sale for one of the rising stars in the London Fashion scene. This sell out event comprises of cashmere, dresses, T-shirts, accessories, T-shirts, etc… Don't miss out these are sell...

The Maze

30 Nov 2010 - 14 Feb 2011

nick terry nov 2010 580x326 - The Maze

We let up and coming street artist nick terry aka TEZ Wreck the facade with his unique take on a maze. If you look carefully you can find your way through the maze from left to right.   Tez has gone onto greater things with his first solo show in london september 2011. [Click here to view the making of video.][1]   [1]:...

Beady Eye

29 Nov 2010

be 1 580x326 - Beady Eye

You'd never notice it from the footage, but the band used the Londonewcastle Depot to shoot the video for their single *Four Letter Word* which can be seen on the official site [here][1].   [1]:...

dt 11 580x326 - Disruptive Technology

The Bartlett School of Architecture with Jason Bruges and Paul Bavister present Disruptive Technology – an exploration of experimental prototyping and the emergence of interactive architecture.  Showcasing the work of 17 students, categorised thematically—performance, observing, learning, tracking, and disruptive—Disruptive Technology is the culmination of an in-depth study on hybrid design and the power of architecture to fuse space through the vehicle of interactivity. The site-specific installation will invite participants to consider and entertain the role of movement, mass, imagery, and environment...

East End Promise

09 Oct - 27 Oct 2010

eastendpromise 405x326 - East End Promise

The show charts the ‘cultural migrants’, who came from all over the UK, from overseas and a spectrum of economic and social backgrounds, moved into derelict spaces, and filled the vacuum left by the previous migrants. What they (we) were all here for, was to make use of the cheap rents, to work and create a culture based on ideas. Unlike previous youth and cultural movements, mainly based on consumerism, (what you wear, what music, etc) this a loose community based around ideas, process and their attempted...


24 Sep - 30 Nov 2011

antiantianti2 580x326 - ANTI ANTI ANTI

As part of the Anti Design Festival in September 2010, the organisers proposed a little graffiti and this, with the help of a certain (Mr) Eine was the stunning result. Read about the story of its gestation [here on Eine’s site][1] and go and see it for yourself – it's on the side of the Londonewcastle Project Space on Ebor Street, E2.    [1]:...

Anti Design Festival

18 Sep - 26 Sep 2010

adf new1 580x326 - Anti Design Festival

London’s most anticipated art and design event will launch in September 2010. As a response to 25 years of cultural deep freeze in the UK, the Anti Design Festival will attempt to unlock creative fires and ideas, exploring spaces hitherto deemed out-of-bounds by a purely commercial criteria.  Created initially as a direct response to the pretty commerciality of the London Design Festival, the festival will shift the focus from bums-on-seats to brain food, and from taste and style to experiment and risk. The festival will provide a rare space for unhindered exploration and creative opportunity, where ideas may...

Hel Yes!

16 Sep - 03 Oct 2010

hel yes mirrors logo 580x326 - Hel Yes!

Can furniture be made from trees thinned out from the forest? Can a new dinner set be created from donated plates? Can a restaurant gather ingredients straight from the forest? Can something new come out of foraging the old? The Finnish Institute in London is delighted to announce HEL YES!, a temporary restaurant and exhibition imagined and realised by a creative team of Finnish designers and food visionaries; lead by Antto Melasniemi together with London-based designers Mia Wallenius and Klaus Haapaniemi.  HEL YES! will showcase the best in Finnish food and design. Partnering with Finland’s world class design...

F**K Off, I Love You

20 Aug - 26 Aug 2010

f o i l y invite 580x326 - F**K Off, I Love You

F**k Off I Love You is a collaborative photographic project conceived by director Huse Monfaradi and realised in collaboration with photographer Dan Wilton.  Huse has directed acclaimed music videos for artists such as Arctic Monkeys and Razorlight, as well as commercials for brands such as Nike and Samsung. Dan is a portrait & fashion photographer, shooting editorial for creative publications such as VICE, TANK & 'SUP along with promo work for Universal Island, Red Bull & Smirnoff amongst others. He is known for his unposed and unobtrusive style resulting in honest and candid...

Unnatural Selection

28 May - 13 Jun 2010

us 1 580x326 - Unnatural Selection

‘Unnatural Selection’, the Spring 2010 exhibition organised by FluffPR™, and generously supported by Londonewcastle, explores the notion that nature, and by implication, Man has reached an uneasy balance, an unstable equilibrium that fluctuates between harmony and conflict. In this show a group of artists are brought together who through their own distinctive style are fascinated by this oscillation between harmony and conflict. These artists selected by curator Ben Austin and Tory Turk of Fluff are all established contemporary British artists, well represented in both private and corporate collections and...


03 Dec 2009 - 16 Jan 2010

grifters1 580x326 - Grifters

To celebrate a year of Lazarides Gallery on Rathbone Place, the gallery invited a plane load of their top names to 'bomb' London with paint and we let a whole host of them to wreck the facade at the Depot and some other sites and hoardings we had available. Featuring … (the now $200 million richer facebook millionaire) [David Choe][1], Antony Micallef, Charlie Isoe, Conor Harrington, Faile, Invader, Jonathan Yeo, JR, Lucy McLauchlan, Mark Jenkins, Mode2, Paul Insect, Vhils, Kelsey Brookes and some special guests. Watch another David Choe video [here][2].   [1]:...

Gentlemen Of Bacongo

27 Nov - 29 Nov 2009

bacongo 1 580x326 - Gentlemen Of Bacongo

In November 2009, The Londonewcastle Project Space will be hosting the official UK launch of the book ‘Gentlemen of Bacongo’ by Daniele Tamagni and published by Trolley Books.  The arrival of the French and Belgians to the Congo, at the beginning of the 20th Century, brought along the myth of Parisian elegance amongst the Congolese youth working for the colonialists. In 1922, G.A. Matsoua was the first-ever Congolese to return from Paris fully clad as an authentic French gentleman, causing great uproar and much admiration amongst his fellow countrymen. He was the first Grand Sapeur.  The Sapeurs today...

The Wall

01 Nov - 30 Nov 2009

thewall3 580x326 - The Wall

We collaborated with a host of the biggest names in the scene to create shorts of 3minutes each for Channel 4. Click on the artist names below to see the videos on You Tube: [Blek Le Rat][1] [Burning Candy][2] [Andy Seize][3] [Pure Evil][4]   [1]:   [2]:–S_GoctnM   [3]:   [4]:...


17 Oct - 24 Oct 2009

m1 - Maurice

Maurice is a contemporary art magazine for children that does not "explain" art but simply uses it as a visual language. Maurice commissions work from established and emerging contemporary artists including Olafur Eliasson, Angus Fairhurst, Sam Griffin, Tessa Farmer, and Marcel Dzama. Alongside the work of these artists, Maurice presents children's art, produced in artist-run workshops organised by Maurice, as the visual content of the magazine. Maurice is sold at selected outlets and given out free to 7,000 London schoolchildren.  Maurice is not for profit; all funds go into production of the magazine and staff...

Corian Super Surfaces

19 Sep - 04 Oct 2009

corian 580x326 - Corian Super Surfaces

CORIAN® super-surfaces is an installation created by Amanda Levete_Architects (AL_A) which will be exhibited at the Londonewcastle Project Space during the London Design Festival 2009. A conceptual interpretation of the lounge environment as a dynamic space of transition, CORIAN® super-surfaces morphs DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces into a fluid collection of integrated kitchen, bathroom and flooring concepts, highlighted by an astonishing feature wall.  Carefully crafted by the unique design vision of AL_A, this sculptural interpretation showcases the amazing material performance of DuPont™ Corian®...

The World Is Yours

29 May - 07 Jun 2009

run dmc image 298x326 - The World Is Yours

One of the most talented photographers the UK has produced, Lawrence Watson's career has taken him around the world, photographing the biggest names in music. From the US and the dawn of hip-hop with artists such as Run DMC, LL Cool J and Public Enemy and back to the UK with Oasis, Ian Brown and Paul Weller, Lawrence has documented it all.  From May 30th until June 7th, the Londonewcastle Project Space will be hosting The World Is Yours exhibition showcasing over 70 limited edition prints of Lawerence’s work spanning 3 decades. The exhibition marks the launch of a retrospective book published by Defractions, which...

A Little Piece Of Mind

10 Apr - 15 Apr 2009

alpom 1 580x326 - A Little Piece Of Mind

A Little Piece of Mind is a project created and curated by Design and Branding Studio – [Marque][1]. Over the past 6 months, three studio locations – Glasgow, London and New York – have identified, commissioned and briefed several of the leading exponents of Quilting to create a series of Contemporary Quilts. In Spring 2009, after this process is completed, the quilts will be exhibited, firstly in London at Lonodnewcastle Project Space, then in New York and Glasgow. Also to be featured at these shows will be a Digital Quilt that Marque is simultaneously curating. The exhibitions will culminate in...

Drawn Together

21 Nov 2008

princes trust 1 - Drawn Together

Drawn Together sponsored by Londonewcastle: an exhibition of drawing and prints which platforms contemporary artists who are connected with The Prince's Drawing School, London. The principles of drawing and their connections with printmaking encourage a continuous debate regarding the importance of mark making. The Princes Trust in association with Londonewcastle will be displaying work by artists whom are currently enrolled at the Princes drawing School. There will be a mix of drawing and prints, framed and unframed for...

the macallan rankin 1 580x326 - The Macallan Masters of Photography

Exhibition to launch Rankin's involvement with The Macallan Masters of Photography. [Watch the video on Vimeo here][1].   [1]:...

Our Cultural History

06 Nov - 10 Nov 2008

ourhistory 1 580x326 - Our Cultural History

The OUR HISTORY exhibition will tell the story of Acid House, from its beginnings through to its twentieth anniversary in 2008, via the iconic images that became associated with the genre. The show will seek to make the argument that Acid House was not merely a niche musical genre, but a valid cultural movement that has impacted our current creative arena. Initially a tribal sub culture of discontented youths, which found it’s roots in the social, political and cultural climate of Britain in the late 1980s, the movement leaked into the mainstream and has played crucial role in the development of our current global club...

Mail Order Monsters

20 Sep - 19 Oct 2008

mailorder 2a 580x326 - Mail Order Monsters

Max Wigram Gallery in association with Londonewcastle announces a group exhibition curated by Kathy Grayson. Mail Order Monsters brings to London, for the first time, a group of young American artists, including Jules de Balincourt, Mat Brinkman, Ry Fyan, Tomoo Gokita, Joe Grillo , Evan Gruzis, Ben Jones, Misaki Kawai, Eddie Martinez, Taylor Mckimens, Takeshi Murata, Anders Oinonen, Aurel Schmidt , Francine Spiegel, Dennis Tyfus, Jaimie Warren. Tapping into an underground music and graffiti vibe the selection of works in the show also finds reference in computer-programme aesthetics. Taking its title from a 1980s videogame...

mh new1 580x326 - Marine Hugonnier "The Secretary of the Invisible"

On Wednesday the 11th of June, Londonewcastle in association with Max Wigram Gallery held a private viewing of the latest artwork by Parisian artist Marine Hugonnier. The private viewing was a great success with over 250 people enjoying the evening, which culminated in a VIP dinner hosted by Londonewcastle and Max Wigram at London's newest Italian restaurant- L'Anima. Since 2001 Hugonnier’s practice has reconsidered the phenomenal world as a cultural construct, exploring how our visual apprehension of it is subject to ideological, political, and physical positioning. In this show photography, film and works on paper...

XL Catlin Art Prize 2016

Preview 5th May, 6-9pm. 6th-22nd May, 11am-7pm. *17th May, 11am-4pm.

Christopher Gray low res 538x326 - XL Catlin Art Prize 2016

Celebrating its 10th year, this curated exhibition is now firmly established as an influential showcase for the most outstanding artists from UK art schools. This year’s finalists are: Rory Biddulph (Slade School of Fine Art, MA Fine Art), Jude Crilly (Royal College of Art, MA Sculpture), Jamie Fitzpatrick, (Royal College of Art, MA Sculpture), Christopher Gray (Goldsmiths, BA Fine Art & History of Art), Jane Hayes Greenwood (City & Guilds of London Art School, MA Fine Art), Hamish Pearch (Camberwell College of Arts, BA Sculpture) and Neal Rock (Royal College of Art, PhD Painting by Practice). Selected from...