Arts Programme

Following the closure of Londonewcastles original project space in Shoreditch, after a successful eight years, the new and more intimate Gallery 46 has opened in Summer 2016.


We started our Arts Programme because we’re passionate about more than just property. Our aim: to bring London’s creative community and its vacant spaces together, giving new artists a place to showcase their work. If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact: - Follow the Arts Programme by liking our Facebook page.

BEATRICE BROWN at Gallery 46

Produced on her kitchen table while her children slept, Beatrice Brown’s drawings are a...
LN Gallery46 27 09 2016 LowRes 11 580x326 - Gallery 46 - Whitechapel

Gallery 46 – Whitechapel

46 Ashfield Street, London, E1 2AJ

Gallery 46 in Whitechapel is our new sister gallery to be used as Londonewcastle Project Space. The new space, established through the partnership of Martin J Tickner and Sean McLusky and Fruitmachine founders, Martin Bell & Wai Hung Young breaks fresh ground for the open-source, non-conformist curatorial approach Tickner and McLusky employed at their (rightly) notorious MEN Gallery, in Shoreditch.Housed in a pair of newly renovated Georgian houses in the grounds of Whitechapel Hospital, GALLERY 46 is set over 3 floors and 8 rooms and is a kaleidoscopic addition to Whitechapel’s burgeoning gallery scene and close by its artistic...

img 580x326 - Street Art Programme

Street Art Programme

Shoreditch, London

Our Street Art Programme is about turning over large canvases on buildings under our control – during planning and development – to artists, from the internationally renowned to the completely unknown. If you’d like Londonewcastle to showcase your work, contact us...


Gallery 46 presents a Flash Archive of works by Eley Kishimoto. A flash impression of the trials travelled by these masters of print, we become privy to their experimentation. Eley Kishimoto GoGo visits the evolution of their design aesthetics and is a keynote in the story of these shapeshifters of the print world.

The show exposes elements of their exhaustive and unparalleled artistic output, always true to their maxim ‘Print The World’. The show includes key pieces, previously undiscovered printed works, re-imagined working materials, archive prints, precise design to beautiful working accidents, illustrating the process and mindset of the seminal artist duo Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimot

Impact and consequence 25 years in making.

Gallery 46 is proud to show a flash encounter with the creative force driving a duo that has worked in fabrics, wallpapers, furniture, automotive, architectural and electronics, collaborating with artists and galleries on their journey, plus projects across the global with brands: Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Alber Elbaz and Jil Sander and who’s past collaborative works include BMW motorbikes, Eastpak bags, Duvel beer, Incase, WESC, Local Motors, Vans, Tatras, Art Salis and Lavenham amongst many others. 

9th-17th December 2016

Opening hours 12noon-7pm  

9th December 2016  6pm-10pm – Private View