A dinner to die for….

I am frequently asked what would be my last meal here on earth had I been sentenced to death on the electric chair or by some form of lethal injection. It is a question I dont take lightly as I have often contemplated it in private and there are several considerations. 

My Conclusion

To Start

Pancakes wrapped with seared foie gras, caviar, sour cream and onions seasoned with himalayan rock salt

Main Course

Giant alaskan king crab garnished in truffle butter bisque served on a bed of assorted yellowtail, tuna and salmon carpaccio with a side of spiced jerusalem articoke french fries. 


Chocolate fondant lava cake with a salted caramel core server with Ben and Jerrys cookie dough ice cream

To Drink….

Ardbeg Uigadaal peated special edition whiskey (54.2% ABV)

Of course others on death row have often asked for less elaborate meals.

Victor Feguer who was sentenced to death for kidnapping, murdering and raping his victims requested a single olive.

Timothy Mcveigh the infamous mass murderer who killed 168 people ordered mint chocolate chip ice cream.

At least with Ronnie Lee Gardner who decided to go for the sensible option of surf and turf, apple pie and vanilla ice cream accompanied by a Lord Of The Rings DVD common sense prevailed.