£5 billion

£5 billion is a lot of money. Difficult to conceptualise even. To put this sum into context it is the equivalent value of three Manchester Uniteds or nine olympic size swimming pools. The most expensive yacht in the world- eclipse, is estimated to cost somewhere in the region of £1.2 billion leaving considerable pocket change for several private planes and an island of your choosing.

So that being said can TV rights to host football for the next three years really be worth this amount and how can this be justified? There are some 27 million households in the UK. This would require us all to spend £185 over the next three years on watching football which is a lot. But not all of us watch football, some of us spend our weekends gardening or pursuing some strange outdoor activities. So where does this leave us? Footballers remain grossly overpaid, tv subscription costs may go up and broadcasters margins are increasingly squeezed leading to cost cutting. And Im ok with all of this so long as Sky Atlantic continue to show Game Of Thrones.